Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Marble Collector Book Review

I'll be honest with you - it's nearly 11pm, I've read this entire book in a day and I feel like I'm reeling a little bit. I love Cecilia Ahern, I always have done, she was one of the first authors that I remember really identifying with as an adult; so, when my best friend Ruby told me she'd read and loved The Marble Collector and left it for me to read, I bumped it up to the very top of my to-read list. I still rate Where Rainbows End as one of my favourite books of all time and so I was excited to see how this new offering might hold up against my treasured favourite.

The book is two intertwined stories - half told by Sabrina who has found a collection of marbles, seemingly belonging to her father, that she wants the answers about and the other half told by her father, both in the present time, as well as his childhood and the past that lead to the marbles ever being in Sabrina's hands. The chapters are named "Pool Rules" when written by Sabrina and "Playing With Marbles" when written by her father, Fergus - both nice touches as they heavily relate to the lives of those who are telling the respective stories.

I found this book surprisingly heartwarming, I don't know what I'd expected - potentially a book that was going to leave me emotionally broken like past offerings from Cecilia Ahern; but this book wasn't that at all. It touches on subjects such as children realising that their parents had lives before they ever existed, on strokes, growing older and memory loss and - perhaps most of all - it talks about differing family dynamics and to just what extent this can affect the lives of those within them. It's delicately written, and surprisingly emotional without ever coming across as being sad.

This really isn't my usual jam, it's undeniable that this is a romance book (although potentially not how you might expect), and you know when you start it that this is going to have a cut and go, happy kind of ending; but the plot is so well written, and so intricately woven in together, that I can't even say that I didn't enjoy it. There's something special about this book - something about the way that Cecilia Ahern writes that makes you feel as though you're in on something just a little bit magic and, although I've seen it in other books from her I have to say I don't think that I've seen it quite to this extent from her before.

It's not exactly knocked Where Rainbows End out of my top spot, but more than anything I think that that's potentially just me getting all nostalgic about one of the first books I remember truly crying over and so I think that, if I was reading at the same time, this one might actually be my favourite of the two. Another good offering from Cecilia Ahern and I can't wait to see what else she has in the pipeline in the future.

Sammy xo.

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