Friday, 16 September 2016

What To Watch When You Feel Like You've Seen Everything On Netflix

So, Pretty Little Liars is on it's hiatus, Stranger Things you binge watched in a day and there's a solid 10 months before we get more Kimmy Schmidt or Orange Is The New Black. So, from one TV addict to another, what exactly do you get too emotionally attached to when you feel like you've watched everything that everyone has ever talked about on Netflix? Well, you've come to the right place; because here are my favourite (somewhat) hidden gems.

1: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Okay I know, I know, the title doesn't sell it - but if nothing else the theme song does. Think of a girl who moves to a small American city to pursue a boy she loved as a teenager but has only seen once since - it's funny, charming and kind of heartwarming in places; but the real selling point is it has a musical number per episode that will leave you howling. It's not that hidden, but not nearly enough people have watched it to give the recognition that it deserves,in my humble opinion.

2: Garfunkel and Oates
Everything about the programme is cheesy and awful and I just love it. To be honest, as a struggling writer I can relate to these two struggling comedy performers, and that's probably at least half of why I love the programme so much. Think two dysfunctional, hilarious female leads, a comedy music act and you've got the plot of this show. I watch this whenever I'm feeling sad and it's genuinely fab.

3: Life Unexpected
In essence this is a programme about a girl who was put up for adoption by her teenage parents and comes back, a teenager herself, only to find herself dragged back into their lives. A dad that runs a bar and has never grown up himself and a mother who couldn't be any further away from him - think bong lamps, a boyfriend called Spider and dating a teacher. Honestly, it's all a bit crazy - but me and my best friend loved this. Also, I really want a bong lamp.

4: The Returned
I watched the French version of this and loved it - I've started the American version and it's every bit as good if you're the kind of person that doesn't like concentrating on subtitles (aka. me but I didn't realise there was an American remake until a few weeks ago.) Basically - either is pretty good, but I'd say if you have the patience opt for the French version.

5: Fargo
I mean it's hella violent and you have to put up with Martin Freeman doing an awful Canadian accent but there's something really oddly intriguing about this. Just trust me. Watch it.

So there's my options for when you feel like you've seen everything on Netflix - any new series much appreciated!

Sammy xo.

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