Friday, 7 October 2016

ASOS wishlist

Now first things first - this isn't a sponsored post (although if you need bloggers, ASOS - holla at me), I just really like ASOS and I like it when everything I need is in one place because, in essence, I'm proper lazy. So, I spent a lot of my time scouting out different brands on ASOS and making many, many wishlists - but there are some items that I just can't get out of my head and so, without further ado - here are the top items on my ASOS wishlist at the current minute.

1: Lace Top Satin Pleated Midi Dress - £58
Okay so no denying that this dress is little over the top - but look at it, it's like a Victorian nightgown and I'm just all about that. I love the colour of this, I love the idea of wearing satin and looking like a lady for the first time in my life. I'm just all about this dress - it isn't too expensive, it is gorgeous and I might never wear it but I want this in my wardrobe just to look at, to be honest.

2: Oversized Cotton Shirt With Badge Print - £38
Now there's no denying that this is hella expensive for a shirt - but it's so so cute. I imagine pairing this with leggings and my docs would look super cool and, although potentially it's a bit more of a summer shirt than an Autumn one - but this is everything I'm all about to be honest. Cute as fuck as so my aesthetic. Maybe when my student loan comes in - a girl can dream.

3: HENA Brocade Backpack - £28
Seems a bit backwards that this bag is cheaper than the last shirt, but still. I'm not a big backpack kind of person, to be frank - but I'm all about these old fashioned patterns and so I just love the look of this. The metallic detailing adds a little something to it and the modern style of the bag contrasts the old fashioned print. Essentially - I just really like this and it'll definitely be added to my basket when my loan comes in (ah, the never ending student loan...)

4: DEXTER Panda Trainers - £25
Okay, okay - so I know that these are pretty obnoxious. The fluffy tails, the popup ears, the excessively happy little face - but tell me that you don't love them. If you were having a bad day, there's frankly no way that these shoes wouldn't cheer you up - and all that I want is to see these on my floor every day smiling up at me (which sounds creepy, now I've said it aloud.)

5: Lost Ink Pinafore Skirt In Cut Out Lace - £85
Now straight up you know I'm never, ever going to afford this - but it channels every Wednesday Addams fantasy that I've ever had. It's limited in how you can wear it but look at how gorgeous it is - add some heels, a white shirt and a chunky necklace and all of a sudden you have a perfect outfit for... well, I'm not sure what for yet, leave it with me.

So there are my top ASOS picks - what are you lusting after right now?

Sammy xo.

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