Saturday, 8 October 2016

Caketoppers + WIN CAKE!

I'm all about a good cake. In fact, I'm just all about cake - it doesn't even have to be particularly good. So, when Caketoppers offered to send me my own personalised Little Fickle cupcakes I was all about that - cakes with my own logo on them? Be still my self absorbed heart. I didn't really know what to expect because, and you know this isn't a bad thing in my eyes, but this seemed to be a bit gimmicky. I was somewhat worried that these cakes would be mediocre but the real selling point would be that my logo was on the top of them - but in some ways I was definitely surprised.

Let's talk packaging because I'm pretty much all about this - it's always important when you're getting cakes through the post that they'd packaged well - and given that they were cupcakes and so not in a tin or anything, I was excited to see how they would last the tough journey with our less than ideal postman. The answer was well. These were packaged in a little plastic container, each in individual plastic wrapping, and they made it to me completely intact, which seemed like a miracle. On reflection, it's actually really clever that the logos are printed onto royal icing and then placed on top of the icing because it makes them almost impossible to destroy in any kind of obvious way. Kudos for thinking that one through, guys!

I got one chocolate sponge with chocolate icing, and one classic sponge with white icing - both with a royal icing logo printed onto the top and given the intricacy of my logo, I was pleased to say that there wasn't a lot in the way of picture distortion, which is worth noting if you're looking for something small or delicate to go on the top of your cakes. I thought I was going to love the chocolate and find the original boring - but truthfully I was all about the original; this reminded me exactly of sayers pink cakes (do other bakeries have these, like sponge cakes with crap icing that are amazing?) and I was all about that. The chocolate was nice, but a little sickly - I would opt for original if I had to pick between the two.

The cakes themselves are amazing - they remained soft and fluffy even after their travels and I just really enjoyed them to be honest; good cakes - but having my logo on them was just the cherry on top (disclaimer; there are no cherries on the top of the cakes). You can get your own set of two with your own logo on for a fiver which isn't too bad - so if I can interest you in that click here and take a look for yourself.

If you're here for the free cake, now's your chance because I'm giving away a Gift Box Of Flower Cupcakes worth £17.95 - so if you're interested get involved using the rafflecopter below - the competition will be going on until 11:59pm on Friday 14th and all you have to do is follow me on twitter to be entered; best of luck!

Sammy xo.
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