Thursday, 20 October 2016

Chelsea Beautique Brows Kit In Natural

You might know this about me (in fact if you follow me on twitter this is probably all you know about me because it's literally all that I ever go on about) but - I am all about a strong brow. I think it's that I have literally nothing in the way of natural brows and so it makes me want to be Cara Delevigne when it comes to drawing the in, but either way they take up a solid third of the time it takes to do my makeup every day and they're the one thing that I really don't ever leave the house without. So, when Chelsea Beautique offered to send me one of their Brow Kits, I obviously wasn't going to say no and so I've been playing with this beauty since it arrived with me about two months ago. My kit is in fair, and I also got a spare powder in "espresso" which is about 20 shades too dark for my hair - but it's good to know there's some colour range out there if nothing else.

First things first - I'll be straight with you; scrap the fucking stencils. There is literally nothing more pointless in the whole world than this flimsy bits of plastic - and I wanted to get on with them, I really did, because imagine how easy putting your eyebrows on would be if you just had to colour in the inside of a stencil every day instead of actually drawing them in free hand; but they're just pointless. I like that there's a couple of shapes, I like that they're all different widths and lengths, but they just don't work for me at all - they're messy and leave hairs unattended and just leave me with a proper strange shaped brow. No thanks. Rule them out for starters.

Having started on that note like a negative Nelly, I have to say that actually the rest of the kit is really boss (in fact I haven't been using it for a week and now I'm looking back down on it I've started to feel proper cheated about it.) First of all - let's cover the price because this is going to set you back more than a Rimmel pencil because the kit will cost you £35 - but don't wince and click off just yet - because the kit does come with the (pointless) stencils, a double ended brush to apply the product, the shadow itself, some pointed ended tweezers and a velvet pouch to keep everything in. It definitely feels like a luxury item, but it doesn't feel pretentious or like a waste of money, my powder has lasted forever so far and it doesn't smudge during the day and it's apparently waterproof, though I obviously haven't put that one to the test.

I've found that the best way to use the product is to use the angled brush to carve in the shape of my brows, then fill them mostly with the blending brush and add some sort of hair texture back in using the angled brush once again. I haven't been using the velvet pouch or the stencils, but the shadow, the brush and the tweezers have worked really well for me so far. Plus, it's good to know that if my shadow ever runs out (which seems like something that will quite literally never happen) it'll only cost £15.00 to get a new pot which is cheaper than my old favourite brow pomade.

All in all, Chelsea Beautique aren't a brand I've tried anything else from - but I'd be really keen to try. There's something really nice about this brand; the packaging and the products really live up to the price point. Annoyingly it's not super cheap, but I would suggest buying the kit and I'll definitely be buying more shadow when mine runs out.

Sammy xo.
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