Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Flawed Book Review

Truthfully, it's not very often that I'm surprised by a book anymore. I think it's partially to do with naturally ripping everything apart with the head of an English Literature student - but I've come to be able to judge the ending of most books halfway through, and I can normally get a basic plot without even reading the whole blurb. So, I like it when I'm surprised, I like it when a book is more than I ever could have imagined it would be from the plot I'd assumed it would have. So, I'm all about Flawed by Cecilia Ahern. Seriously, it's her first YA book and I'm so into it.

The book follows Celestine, a 17 year old girl, in a society where to be anything less than perfect is to be punished. When Celestine finds herself torn between her moral and legal compass, she finds herself in more trouble than she ever could have imagined. Torn between the life that she led before, the girlfriend of the son of one of the highest judges in the country, and the life that she is about to embark upon as the poster girl for a revolution - it's time for Celestine to decide what she wants to stand for in her life, and whether she's ready to risk everything to do so.

I find the book very reminiscent of the later Hunger Games books - it has a strong female lead (it actually has a lot of strong female supporting characters too, which I like) who is going to become the face of a movement. I have to say though, considering there is very little death in this book compared to the Hunger Games, I found this a much more difficult, much more uncomfortable read. It's aimed towards teenagers and so it's not unbearable, but there were definitely certain moments that made me cringe and wince, so that's worth knowing before you embark on it.

To be honest, I love Cecilia Ahern anyway - but, this feels as though it's a whole different approach to a novel for her; gone are the cutesy love stories that came before (although don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of those too) and in it's place is this book about a revolution. I'm impressed, I really am - I can't wait to read Perfect (the next in the series) and I just really like this - I like that it doesn't do that "a bad thing might happen but probably not" thing; there are awful things happening in this book, and it lends it to feel more authentic.

I'm just really into Flawed right now, and don't be put off that it's a YA book because we all know they can be some of the best. If you've read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sammy xo.

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