Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hipster Fudge - Chocolate, Hazelnut and Raisin Fudge

Oh come on, you already know from the title of this post that my love of food combined with a high sugar snack means that I'm going to be absolutely raving about this brand. It's well deserved though - I love a good start up company with a strong amount of passion behind them and I definitely feel like you can see that within Hipster Fudge. It's refreshing - they're chatty and experimental and they show you what they're up to on their social media to the extent it really feels as though you can invest in them in a brand (and I want to, okay, I really love fudge). Basically - I'm reviewing the fudge below but if I had to put forward my favourite company of the month, it'd be these guys.

So, after having a brief but hilarious conversation via twitter - Hipster Fudge offered to send me some of their Chocolate, Hazelnut and Raisin fudge, you know that I graciously accepted (I mean who wouldn't though, really). It was nice that they kept in contact with me through the whole process and I felt like, had I have bought the fudge myself and had an issues, they definitely would have been on twitter to help me in no time at all - which isn't necessary by any means, but it does really add to my love for the company as a whole. Now straight up, this did get a little squashed on it's way to me - however, it was packaged and marked fragile and so I think this was the fault of Royal Mail to be honest. I stuck it in the fridge on arrival and as soon as it solidified back up to the right texture, the taste was great even if it did take a little work to get the perfect instagram picture.

The fudge is creamy and this hazelnut and raisin fudge was exactly the type of thing I would go for - and I did really enjoy chowing down on it. It's everything you'd expect in a homemade fudge and more - and it's easily worth the £2.49 per bar that you pay, especially as they're made in small, handcrafted batches. It's everything, even down to the handmade touches, that really give this company the edge - the handwritten labels, the cute stickers, the fact that you can probably see your own bar being made on instagram. It's all the little things, and you know that I really am a sucker for that.

Now straight up - I've just gone onto their site to link back to them and I'm in love - not only are the favourites I spotted a few weeks ago on there like Cherry Bakewell and Oreo Cashew; there are some great new additions like Daim, Turkish Delight and After Eight fudges, and I want to add them all to my basket and check out right now, if I'm honest with you. I can't praise this company highly enough - my fudge might not have won any beauty pageants when it fell through my letterbox, but it would definitely be winning awards for taste.

If you're a fudge lover, go and give some well deserved love to Hipster Fudge - let me know your thoughts and what you try!

Sammy xo.
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