Monday, 17 October 2016

Nars Almeria

To be honest; before I decided to write this post I had used this blush a handful of times. Katy got me this when we were going out the first time, and so honestly about this time last year, and I used it a fair amount then but it quickly got put in a drawer and was forgotten - because that's the type of person that I am. However, whilst looking for a deeper blush to get me through Autumn, I rediscovered NARS Almeria and I can't decide why I haven't already hit pan on this because it's so, so pretty.

For some reason in my head this is really, really red - but it just isn't, it's almost a deep nude raspberry kind of colour, it's more subtle than you might imagine seeing it online and it's just like a much deeper orgasm (orgasm for the summer, almeria for the winter - that's my new slogan). This was, I believe, originally part of the 2014 holiday collection and so the packaging isn't the typically harsh matte black of nars, but rather it has glossy flower prints overlaid in black over the top. Out of everything I own from NARS, this is definitely one of the prettier compacts.

This almost has a gold shift in it with regards to shimmer, but to me this is a lot more wearable than Orgasm, which just looks too gold on me - this is definitely closer to what I want in an Autumn blush, it leaves me looking flushed and like I've just run a mile. Well I imagine that's what I'd look like if I ran a mile, but you know, we're just going to have to assume. I have to say that NARS blush have this amazingly blendability combined with a pigment that makes any shade seemingly wearable on most skin tones, but I think that Almeria takes that to a new level - it's just a really beautiful, really wearable shade.

In the past I've had NARS blushes that have felt a little gritty with glitter, but this is a soft, powdery sort of texture - I just often have a bit of fallout, but it's definitely worth it for how good the powder looks on the skin. If you go a bit heavy on this, just either blend it out with quite a dense fluffy brush, or pat over it with a beauty blender and it seems like you're usually good to go again. Good job, NARS, it's like putting magic powder on my skin some mornings, I feel like I can do basically no wrong (well I can, but I can easily patch it up.)

Now, this stuff isn't cheap, it'll knock you back £22.50 - however, if mine is anything to go by, you could use it every day for a solid year and barely even hit pan on the product. This was a top choice by Katy, and if you're looking for a new, deeper blush to add to your collection - Almeria could definitely be the one.

Sammy xo.

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