Sunday, 16 October 2016

Papertrophy (Aka. I have a unicorn)

I'm all about cool quirky little pieces to add something to my room and so when Papertrophy said I could pick one of their cool wall mounted pieces of paper art, I obviously opted for the Unicorn. You can get tons of these, and in loads of different colours but to contrast with my white walls I chose black and gold (you might have seen him, in fact, in my new additions to my room post a while back). Now I didn't look into this company quite like I should have if I'm honest and so it turned into a little bit more of an ordeal than I originally anticipated, but I made it and he's pride of place on my wall so let's have a chat about him.

Now - if I'd have been smart enough to look into this I would have realised that I had to put it together myself. To be honest, the fact that it's made out of paper should have been a hint that they weren't going to ship it ready made - but nonetheless I didn't click until this arrived completely flat. Now, luckily for me it's pretty straightforward (if quite time consuming!) to put together and each piece is labelled; hell, the kits even come with their own glue which is a blessing if you're as unorganised as me! Also, each different coloured part of each animal (as there aren't only unicorns) comes in a seperate brown paper bag. All very organised.

Luckily for me, they send a smaller animal to put together in order to practise how to fold the paper, how to follow the instructions and where to glue. At first the whole thing seemed quite alarming and I wasn't sure I could do it and make it look anything like it was supposed to, however, you get used to where the tabs should go and which way you should be folding as you go on. By the time that you've finished your smaller practice animal, you'll definitely have got the hang of it and you'll feel like a master; irregardless of the fact that you don't actually have to do much except bend and stick.

Now I knew it was a full on job when I started because the tiny gorilla had taken me a solid four hours put together, but it took near on a week of doing it each evening to actually manage to put the unicorn together properly. This helpfully does come with a mount for the wall (also paper, obviously) and so when you finish your project, you're literally ready to hang it up and go. They hang really well, and they're easy to move around but it's worth noting that these things are considerably bigger than you might imagine.

Now - here's the bit I'm not sure about. I love the unicorn - but had it come to buying it for myself I just wouldn't have been able to justify €60 for something I was literally putting together myself. I can't fault Papertrophy, their customer service was great and the finished product looks amazing - but you are paying to bend and stick paper into a certain shape, so it's up to you how you feel about that really.

Sammy xo.
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