Thursday, 13 October 2016

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner

You all know I'm about a solid winged liner - but getting one that looks good and stays good is no mean feat. Smashbox is a brand I haven't really tried too much from - some foundation and eyeshadows but nothing of real substance, and so when they offered to send me out a supposedly unbudgeable eyeliner to put the test, I was just about ready to put it through some seriously testing in order to see how it stood in the face of some serious wear time. Gel eyeliners used to be my jam and so I was excited to go old school and see if they were everything I remembered - and Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner didn't let me down.

I have to admit that I was a bit dubious when I opened this because it's actually the brown shade and not the black, but when I looked properly this is actually almost a bronze and it's definitely dark enough that at a distance looking at me you definitely couldn't tell anything was amiss with my eye makeup, but up close this definitely added a little dimension and sparkle to my eye look, which was nice even though I was only going about my general day to day life.

Now, I learned to wing my eyeliner using a gel liner and a slanted eye brush and so I found this really easy to apply and I even tried a few brushes and had no issues with any; the liner is smooth and sets down after a minute or so in order to stay in place which gives you a solid few seconds to clean up those inevitable mistakes that you make on the second eye (because it's always the fucking second eye, isn't it?). It's annoying this doesn't come with a brush, but not unexpected - and to be honest I ended up using a different brush for my lid and waterline liner anyway and so, either way I probably would have had to dig another brush out from somewhere.

(When First Applied)

I was seriously impressed by this because I definitely wore it on a day when I was gdong more than usual and, as you can see on the photo before, I did get pretty oily (read: sweaty) and so it had a fair bit to contend with. I wore this to uni when I wasn't well and so it managed to survive a general day getting lost around campus, as well as two train journeys, a nap and undoubtedly a trip to the shop in order to get some chocolate. Also you can see my window reflected in my head in the picture below and I'm do distracted by it. What a greasy mess.)

(After A Day's Wear)

Seriously though I got a solid eight hours out of this without the tiniest smudge, and so I'm so about this and, to be honest, I'm all but ready to buy the black and add that to my collection too. Trust me on this one, just because nobody seems to talk about Smashbox Eye Liner, that doesn't mean that it's not worth the buy (and a pot will send you back £18, which actually isn't all that eye watering).

Sammy xo.
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