Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Underwear Wishlist

If there's one thing that makes me feel good about myself it's new underwear that makes me feel sexy. I mean, it's actually probably tequila now that I'm thinking about it, but new underwear that makes me feel sexy is definitely a close second. So, as we head into a new season it only seems fair that my boobs and vagina get a  whole new wardrobe, and here are the bits of underwear that have had me all heart eyed in the last few weeks.

1: Wolf and Whistle Navy Lace Lingerie Set - £30
I like to pretend that I'm a classy lady and so I like to go for underwear I can wear to the office and in the bedroom. You know, if I ever bother to wear a bra. Or if I were to ever get a real adult job. Okay, jokes aside and I love the panel between the cups on this bra immense amounts, I think that's it's pretty and sexy in one hit and I just love the idea of this set. Plus you can see my vagina through the knickers and I'm pretty much all about that to be honest. Variety (and vaginas) are the spice of life.

2: ASOS Triple Strap Suspender - £10
It's not a secret as to how much I want to be Blair Waldorf and anyone who has ever seen even the smallest piece of any episode of Gossip Girl ever knows that this is definitely step one. I have a suspender belt already which I love, but I like the triple straps on this to just add something a little different to an otherwise plain black set. Do I ever really need suspenders? Not at all. Do I want to wear them every day even when I'm not having sex? You know it.

3: Ann Summers Glitsy Chemise - £28
I saw this in the Ann Summers window earlier this week and made Katy stop and stare at it awkwardly in front of a shopping centre full of people but I've never seen anything that I think will make me feel like a goddess more than this. I mean, if we're honest it's like not at all practical unless you're only putting on this and a trenchcoat with the explicit idea to go out and have sex with someone (and like let's be honest I'm not against that), but this is so pretty I just don't even care.

4: ASOS Valerie Satin Moulded Set - £32
At first I thought I hated this but to be honest I love the shape of the straps and I think it would make my boobs look banging. I'm all about this silk/lace combination and I think that, although the colour would probably make me look ill, I would still feel fucking amazing in this. 

5: Victoria's Secret Logo Elastic Lace Thong - £9.55
These are like insanely expensive even if you get them on 5 for £25 but I am literally obsessed with the band on them. Will I ever wear them? Probably not. Will they still take pride of place in my collection? Yeah probably. Once again see through so you can see my vagina if I wish you to. All about that.

Sammy xo.

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