Thursday, 6 October 2016

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation & Naked Concealer

Oh Urban Decay - you're always building me up just to let me down. You give me some products that absolutely smash it out of the park, and some products that just don't quite make the grade - and today I have one of each to be honest. There have been a fair few new releases within the last few months, but the one I have today is the new All Nighter Foundation, and I thought for good measure I would throw in the old favourite of the Naked Concealer because I was going to do them in seperate posts, but it seems to make more sense to link them in together.

Okay - let's start with the foundation. I've heard all manner of things about this new foundation, but being that Naked Skin Foundation was one of my old holy grail foundations, I decided that it was only fair that I try it's older, more resilient sister (bad metaphor? Definitely. Sorry about me). I was pretty confident in my shade being 0.5 as, as aforementioned, I really love the Naked skin and that's my shade in that. Surprisingly, when I got this it was a lot lighter in the bottle than my Naked Skin, which is good because it oxidises about two shades and so I would never have gotten away with it otherwise, I'm still pushing it now if I'm being honest.

I just really don't like this foundation. No doubt that the bottle is lovely, and it does give the coverage that it promised and more - but it's just not for me at all. My skin isn't particularly dry but this seems to cling and cake around any lines or uneven texture, it oxidises to be way too dark and even with added oil and using a damp sponge to apply, this just really, really doesn't work for me. I had high hopes, Urban Decay, but you've let me down on this one I'm afraid (although if you've had any luck making it work please let me know how because I would like to be able to make it work for nights out).

Okay, from the bad to the really good - and a product that lives up to the hype that everyone's put on it, and that's the Naked Concealer. I struggle getting a concealer that's light enough to match my foundation shade, but fair neutral seems to be the perfect one for both under eyes and spot concealing. It's not just the formulation of this concealer, although that really is good - it's thin without being sheer, and creamy without hugely creasing if it isn't powdered - it's everything from the shade range to the large doe foot applicator. Truthfully, I'm just all about this. If I gave it one downfall it's that whenever I pull the applicator out of the tube I manage to flick it everywhere, but that could be me being a dope to be honest.

Swatches L-R; All Nighter after oxidising for 20 minutes // Naked Concealer // All Nighter Freshly Swatched

So one good, one bad product from Urban Decay - but they still remain to be pretty much my favourite make up company of all time. As mentioned before, if you've got tips on the All Nighter foundation, please help your girl out!

Sammy xo.
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  1. Thank you so much for this post! This post seems really helpful to me. I have seen very good review about this foundation. Also my sister sent me one from U.S.A. It is really good and long lasting too! But unfortunately, not my shade! I just did my Spring makeup lesson , so I am new in this makeup line. I am looking for few more shades, which will suit me well. Can you please tell me where I will get this in U.k ? It will be a great help for me. Also please suggest me a shade which will be perfect for NC42. I use this concealer also, its really good! Just love this one. <3

  2. I would love to be the lucky winner because I do not own any UD at all, and it sure would be a treat to win this fantastic palette and have it be my very first UD product to own. Thank guide