Saturday, 1 October 2016

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Vault

I'm all about a matte eye and so when I won an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Vault I was all about it, if a little confused about how on earth you even use glitter in a casual way (and I bloody love a good bit of glitter). This thing isn't cheap, when you can get your hands on it (which doesn't seem to be right now, I'm afraid) at £195, but it does contain 20 shadows, some satins and some glitters, 10 from the normal line and 10 from the moondust line. I opened this and immediately felt like I didn't know where to start; there's everything from the palest nude satins to the heaviest black glitters - but it meant stepping out of my comfort zone.

The top half of the vault has a considerable amount of darker colours and then gives way to the more nude colours - the top row is probably one of my least used set as I find these to be pretty chunky in terms of glitter finish. That's not to say that I don't like them because I find Zodiac to be a beautiful sort of blue/red/brown glitter shadow - but they're best for the centre of the lids, they're not so versatile. There's a good selection of shadows and I will use them on nights out, they're just not really every day type shades or finishes, in my personal opinion. Having said that - they're still just as pigmented and easy to blend as the satin finishes; so all is not lost.

 (L-R swatches: Scorpio // Zodiac // Vortex // Moonspoon // Shockwave)

Now we're getting into my type of shades - row two is mostly as dark as the first row with the surprise addition of the surprisingly bright Mildew which is really, really pretty. These personally work better for me as I can get these into my crease without feeling as though I'm going to a school rave, but not only that; I'm just all about these colours. Blackout is one of the best black shadows I've seen in a long while, but beyond that my favourite is definitely lounge, this rust/green duochrome that just has me all heart eyes like you wouldn't believe. Good job on this row, Urban Decay.

(L-R swatches: Blackout // Lounge // Mildew // Mushroom // Rockstar)

To be honest - looking at these I actually realise that out of all of the glitters, I'm far more likely to work with the darks of the first row than these more neutral shades. I have been using Cosmic as an inner colour highlighter, and I've used both Space Cowboy and Interstellar in the centre of my lid, but I just find them generally harder to work with that the darker colours. I'm not sure if it's just that I wouldn't use the more neutral shades for a dramatic eye, and I wouldn't use glitters for a casual look - but all in all, although I love these colours I think that I'm less likely to get wear out of this row than any others in the vault.

(L-R swatches: Solstice // Space Cowboy // Darkforce // Interstellar // Cosmic)

These are definitely the shadows that I've gotten the most use of, and these are the more neutral satin shades - X and Sellout have become solid bases for me, and I love Last Call in my crease. I have to say, out of all of the shades in the vault - Busted is definitely one of the harder colours to get a good payoff from, but that doesn't mean that the quality is bad by any means. Like the others, this is soft and easy to work with, it's just not got that one swatch perfect look of the other shadows in the vault.

(L-R swatches: Last Call // Scratch // Busted // X // Sellout)

So there you go - you can buy the singles seperately at £14 each, and I'd suggest adding at least a few to your collection. Thanks for my prize Urban Decay, and kudos on the shadows because I'm surprisingly loving them.

Sammy xo.

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