Sunday, 9 October 2016

Week One

This week has been a literal mess, and I've loved honestly every single minute of it. This week was my first full week at uni, it's brought me new friends, new confidence and an insane amount of new experiences; and it's been a good one. It's been hard, and it's been tough to get through, and there were tears, and tantrums and laughing so hard it's hurt and the last seven days have honestly seemed surreal - but here I am, at the end of them, to report back.

University is a really tough experience - and my first few days I found it a bit of a struggle. It's nerve-wracking no matter what your personality is like, I think; and I wasn't sure how I felt about living at home. Was I going to miss out on valuable experiences? Was I going to meet fewer people? Would I make any friends? It turns out all I miss out on is the night drinking (day drinking is still thoroughly on the cards), I have met more people than I've ever known before in my life and I've made at least a few friends and a ton of acquaintances. It's a natural thing to worry about going, I think - but pretty much all of my worries were unfounded, and as that became clear I gained confidence really quickly.

Having said that - some of us found our first week full of stress. We didn't know where we were going, where the buildings were, where the rooms were, who you'd be with in seminars, and who you'd sit next to in lectures. I found myself on edge even as I was enjoying myself; and I just want to say I doubt I was the only one. I found it really overwhelming and I felt like the only person who felt a little out of my depth when everybody else was having fun; but the more I talked about it with people, the more it seemed that pretty much all of us felt like tiny fish in a very, very big pond (it turns out, all it took to get past this feeling was a few shots of cherry sourz and a McDonalds.)

In short - I get why kids cry at their first day of school, because last Monday I wanted to do the same standing outside of the room for my seminar. New people, new experiences and new knowledge all being thrown at you in the space of a few days and it can feel like a lot - but truthfully, what I think about most looking back on this week is howling at poems I can't understand with people I met ten minutes before, and going to learn circus skills with a girl I might never meet again.

University is a lot - but I've been there a week and I'm already learning new things, rapidly building up my confidence, happily speaking to people. Comparatively to last year, I feel like a completely different person, I feel as though I've grown and become someone that I'm really proud of being, and university and getting through that initial discomfort has only cemented that for me. One week down, approximately one hundred and fifty five left to go.

If you started University this year, let me know how you got on!

Sammy xo.

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