Sunday, 13 November 2016

Cafe Rouge A/W Menu 2016

In Liverpool we are pretty spoiled for places to go and eat - and that leads to a huge amount of feeling overwhelmed, a pattern where you only go to three restaurants, and way too many conversations that start with me saying to Katy; "we really should go there to eat". So, to be perfectly honest, menu launches are normally how we come across new restaurants and places to eat these days and I gratefully accepted Cafe Rouge's invite to try out their Autumn/Winter menu, especially as it has a prime location in the middle of Liverpool One and not having to trudge up Bold Street to get my chow on seemed like a boss idea.

When we went in the staff were amazing; really welcoming (especially considering we had turned up three hours early because I had completely messed the timings of my day up), all really friendly and all willing to chit chat to pass the time whilst we were ordering, waiting for meals, or even just sitting. Now to be honest, we had absolutely pored over the menu before we went and I still didn't know what I was going to pick when we turned up - but after much umming and ahhing Katy went for Croque Monsieur with herby mash instead of chips (which is weird to be honest) and I went for a burger with added bacon and skinny fries.

To be fair - the food was absolutely amazing; we both said it without prompting to each other (not that I ever prompt Katy to tell me she likes food because that would be so weird, but you get my point) and we both finished our mains feeling like we were absolutely stuffed. We got some more drinks and asked for a little bit of a break to decide if we could handle dessert; now this is something that aggravates me because it's a really simple request and many waiting staff just completely ignore it - but we were left for a solid twenty minutes without being forgotten about and then we ordered chocolate fondant to share, which was to die for.

Now it's important to note that this isn't going to wow you with the price - but that's definitely not to say that it's particularly expensive, just you're paying for the quality of food that you're getting (think about a tenner a head for mains, plus drinks and desserts; expensive for every lunchtime, but definitely worth it). I asked pretty much every staff member the one item on the menu that they would recommend and it seems if you're going anytime soon, the Tarte Au Citron is the way forward, so if you follow that tip please do let me know.

All in all though, Cafe Rouge has definitely cemented itself as a new lunch spot for us (and as snobby as this sounds, I'm surprised that such a big chain as found it's way into my heart!) - and we plan on heading back next week, which says something in my opinion!

Sammy xo. 
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