Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Christmas Fashion Wishlist

I love a good jumper, and pretty much everything burgundy and so - although I'm not the greatest fan of the holiday season to be honest (bah humbug) - Christmas is the perfect time for me when it comes to talking about fashion. I've had my eye on all manner of things, and I've tried to keep these fashion picks as year-round as possible - but here's hoping Santa brings me at least a few of these (look Santa, I know I haven't been good but as you're a fictitious character I think you should let it go this time.)

1: Pink Sequin Badge Jumper - River Island (£40)
To be honest I think this is actually hella expensive for what it is, and you can get similar designs all around at the moment but this is just the one calling out to me. Realistically I'm not going to spend £40 on a jumper (that's sort of the point of a wishlist item though, right?) but if I was going to then this would definitely be top of my list. I love the detail around the cuffs and rainbows just speak to my little gay self on a spiritual level.

2: Grey Mermaid Tail Blanket - New Look (£27.99)
Speaking of talking to me on a spiritual level, you had to know a mermaid blanket would be in here somewhere. Ideally, I'd like a multicoloured one but it just won't go with the theme of my room, and so I was pleased as punch when I stumbled across this plain grey one from New Look. Pretty expensive, but also literally amazing and the closest that I'll ever get to actually being Ariel in my lifetime (although I'm hoping science will still pull through on that one for me).

3: Prosecc Ho Ho Ho Jumper - Not On The High Street (£29)
If there's one thing that Christmas is full of in our house it's alcohol and so this just seemed like the perfect addition to my jumper collection. Not as versatile as the other jumpers on this list, but pretty funny and probably classy enough that people wouldn't be mad at me for wearing it instead of a dress (although we can only hope - personally I'm voting for a day in pyjamas).

4: Burgundy Bralet Pyjama Set - Missguided (£18)
What would Christmas be without some sexy lingerie, and mixing that with pyjamas combines my two favourite things. I picked these because I thought that Katy would really like them and she's rudely reading over my shoulder so can confirm that I'm correct.

5: Bored Stripey Sweater - Lazy Oaf (£45)
Basically, I like a jumper that projects my feelings into the world and so I think that this Lazy Oaf offering will be the perfect one when the clock hits about 3pm on Christmas Day and I've thoroughly had enough of whatever Santa has brought me. I really don't have the time or energy to remortgage my house to shop at Lazy Oaf, but I might just ask mum for this one because this is me af.

So there's my Christmas picks - let me know what clothes you've got your eye on!

Sammy xo.

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