Friday, 11 November 2016

Gifts That Give Back Gift Guide

One of my favourite gift guides to put together last year was definitely my gifts that look good and do good gift guide, and so it was the one guide that I knew for sure would be making a comeback this year. This year I made it slightly smaller in order to better focus on the charity aspect of each company, but I'm really proud of some of the companies I'm working with this year, and the charity aspects that they all pursue. There's something for pretty much anyone and so read on to find a present for someone that won't only be a gift to them, but a gift to somebody in need too.

Humble - Purple Adult Brush (£3.99)
I know, a toothbrush seems like a really bizarre thing to add to a gift guide (and I agree) but Katy tells me that every year they get one in their stockings and it seems like this is a genuine thing that people do and so I thought that I would highlight how important this company is (if you're going to get a toothbrush, may as well make it one that gives back!) Humble make sure that not only are toothbrushes great quality and getting rid of the plastic problem that we have with toothbrushes washing up in oceans (they're made mostly from bamboo) - but also they donate a brush to somebody in need for each one that you buy. You can even get these for kiddos - so get buying if you're one of the families that likes to have a toothbrush in the stockings. Plus, you have to admit that they look adorable, if nothing else. Rustic, edgy, cool.

The Travelling Bee Co. - Lavender and Lemon Hand Balm (£7)
Now I was spoiled for choice by The Travelling Bee Co. (and you'll definitely see more of them on my blog in the future) but after much umming and ahhing I decided to opt for the Lavender and Lemon Hand Balm, which just smells amazing and is the perfect present for just about anybody at all when the weather starts getting colder and all of us need a little extra TLC when it comes to our hands. Not only are their products just amazing, they also have their own bee colony (you can follow them on facebook here) and are working hard to educate and help prevent any further decline in bee numbers. A worthwhile cause, and even if you're not that into bees (which makes you weird but okay) you get a good beauty product out of it, what more could you want.

Look Good Feel Better - Flawless Foundation Duo Set (£17.99)
I'm a sucker for a good makeup brush set, and so this one with the Duo Fibre Foundation Brush, the Angled Foundation Brush and a protective pouch seemed like an obvious choice. Not only are these brushes absolutely gorgeous and so, so soft (the kind you never want to use because when you wash them they might not feel the same - just me?) but Look Good Feel Better are also a company supporting women with cancer and 8-12% of the cost of the products will go back to the company to help women further. This company actually makes me feel a little emotional and it's one I really love and so go and support them, we all need make up brushes, right? (I assume if you're reading this blog then the answer is definitely yes.)

Denik - Goal Digger Notebook - ($11.95)
We all know that the last thing I need is another notebook, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this one on Denik. This is pretty, the quality is amazing and Katy is jealous of it (which is just about the sign of good style if you ask me) - plus it's pretty cheap considering you're supporting as amazing company. Denik not only support artists creating their designs (this fantastic one was created by Katrina Houskeeper and you can follow her here) but they also give an amount of proceeds directly back to help build schools (this year in Guatemala). Like me, you might not need a new notebook, but when you're helping this amount of people I feel as though it would be really rude not to.

So there's my gift guide for gifts that give back this year, if you know any other brands or if you purchase from any of these, please do let me know!

Sammy xo.
Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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