Monday, 28 November 2016

Giorgio Armani Beaute

Until a few weeks ago I hadn't really tried anything from Giorgio Armani Beaute, but now I feel as though I could talk about different offerings that I really like until I'm blue in the face. I have a fair few bits to talk about overall, but I've decided to focus on four main things that I think are likely to be the things people are most likely to be asking for when Christmas rolls around, and so I thought that these could be the most helpful. Armani really, really isn't cheap and so I think it's good to see whether or not these live up to the expectation before you spend any cash buying them for yourself.

Right, let's start with Luminous Silk Foundation. I have the lightest colour which is, bizarrely, number 2 - and to give it it's dues, it's a really good colour match and the bottle even has a pump (although personally I'd expect that for £37). This foundation just really isn't for me, however, I find it to be way too thin and - although I've been told at events that this can be built up to a full coverage - I just haven't managed to make it a heavy enough coverage for my liking, even using a sponge or a flat top kabuki. This lasts well, and it gives Katy's dry skin a really lovely luminous finish (as the name would suggest), but if you're looking for something that's really going to give some coverage, I probably wouldn't recommend this one, especially not for the price.

Next up is the Fluid Sheer Highlighter - and to be honest I can't even find the colour that I have of this online, but I will tell you that it, again, is number 2. This is a soft peach, pink sort of colour with a lot of sparkle, and I've been using it as a highlighter (you just pat it on and tap to blend) but Katy has been using it as a primer underneath her foundation and that looks amazing too. I'm not normally one for cream/liquid highlighter, but this one really does work for me and - although it's not cheap at £36.50 - I'd definitely say it's worth the money.

Finally I have an Eye Tint in number 7, and a Lip Maestro in 513. I've lumped these together because I have less to say about them - but I do like both of these a lot. The eye tint has a long doe foot applicator and blends out really well, it's subtle and soft and generally just really pretty - my one downside of this product is that, personally, I just wouldn't be spending £27 on a liquid eyeshadow when, realistically, you could probably find something really similar in boots for a solid fifth of the price. The Lip Maestro is absolutely beautiful and sets down to be almost matte - however, this is also £27 and truthfully, it just really doesn't stay well enough for me to justify spending that amount of money on the lip product. I'd say stick to drug store options, or other more reliable high end options for these two, personally.

So there's my honest thoughts on these, you might think I'm being negative - but I'm just giving honest reviews, especially given the high end nature of the products. If you've tried any of the products and agree or disagree, please do let me know.

Sammy xo.
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