Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kraków 2.0

In a weird turn of events - last week I flew off to Poland. That in itself isn't that weird, but it becomes considerably more weird when you find out that I was going with my girlfriend and a couple she knew that I had literally never met, seen or spoken to before. Cue nerves on a Thursday night as two absolute strangers came striding towards us at Liverpool airport - but I honestly needn't have worried, because what followed turned out to be some of the best five days of my life.

Having done Krakow a few times before I worried that it wouldn't feel as magical as it did the first few trips, but truthfully everything about Poland is so beautiful, and my heart is so horrendously rooted there, that I could sit in my apartment for five days solid and still feel as though I was home, and happy, and in a city with so much to offer. However, sit in the apartment I did not; instead I traded in lazy days for 8am starts, scarves, gloves and multiple layers and saw all of the bits of Poland I haven't been able to see before in the past.

We saw a dragon that breathes fire, Wawel Castle, we took group selfies, and candids of each other. We did love locks, escape rooms and so many games of cards against humanity that I lost track. I met two amazing friends in Kaz and Robyn, I laughed so much that it's hard to imagine that I would never have been able to take this trip this time last year - and I felt for the first time since my recovery that I was finally really living again, enjoying life and making friends and creating memories that I would actually want to be cemented forever; this weekend was one of the best that I can remember, in recovery or otherwise.

Krakow will always hold such a prominent place in my heart - from standing looking cultured in the Van Gogh museum, to yelling about how much I love cinnamon buns in the mall. It'll always stress me out that my second language was Spanish and not Polish, and I will never, ever let it drop that Kaz thought that Tupperware was called Tubberware - but I will always come back to Krakow and feel content, and at home, and like something is at rest within me.

So thanks Krakow; for the Sephora trips, the escape rooms, the lovers bridge that proudly holds my name alongside Katy's. Thanks for the cold nights and the first time I've ever seen such perfectly formed snowflakes - thanks for a million and one inside jokes, and for everything. Also, and more importantly, thanks to Kaz, Robyn and Katy for making this everything it was.

Sammy xo.

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