Friday, 18 November 2016

Makeup Geek Highlighters - Swatches and First Impressions

You all know that I'm all about a good glow, and so when Makeup Geek offered to send out some of their new highlighter compacts I nearly broke my fingers I was so eager to reply. Annoyingly, I had to wait a few weeks for them to arrive as they hadn't actually launched yet when I got the email, but after we got back from Krakow, I was greeted by a package full of pigments, shadows and the ever-coveted new highlighter compacts. I got three out of the total thirteen, two duochrome and one classic, and so I thought I'd swatch them and give some first impressions on whether they're worth shelling out for.

We'll start with my least favourite - although that's not saying much because I literally love all three - and talk about the classic highlighter in Glitz. All three of the compacts have a huge mirror and a bronze/silver metallic compact - and they each hold 7g of product for $20 which seems really good as pricing goes. Glitz itself is a soft silver/pink sort of colour and it's genuinely so pigmented, soft and easy to use - it's just a really basic colour in comparison to the other two duochromes that I received alongside it. It's gorgeous though, it's really wearable and it's Katy's favourite so it's found a good home even if it might not be with me.

Next up we come to the duochromes, and I'm almost angry that I've been wearing makeup for close on ten years and it's taken me this long to get something this pretty in my life. I actually got two of the duochromes, but let's start with Lit - which is a yellow/soft gold sort of highlight with a pink/bronze sort of shift. this swatches probably the most like one I would wear every day personally, and it's super pretty - this one is one that is going to best suit pale skin I think as it almost melts down into my snowman like complexion.

(L-R: Moon Phase // Lit // Glitz)

Finally, my favourite out of the three - Moon Phase. I can't even begin to explain how excited I was to open this, because all I wanted highlighter wise ws to own either Moon Phase or Celestial and so I was more than pleased when I opened the box to find this little beauty. This has a translucent base with a blue/violet shift and although I'm worried about how wearable it is realistically, I actually think this is the one that I plan on rocking the most on a daily basis.

(L-R: Glitz // Lit // Moon Phase)

So all in all, I'd recommend picking some of these up, especially for $20 - plus, they're talc free, paraben free and aren't tested on animals; there's a colour for just about everyone so definitely log onto the website and have a peek.

Sammy xo.
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