Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Degustabox

One of the best things about living with another blogger is definitely the fact that you can share their photos when you forget to take your own, and so picture credit to Katy (she did say I could use them).

I love Degustabox day, and this month's was even better than normal because November's box is the Christmas box, and you know I'm all about that; and they didn't let me down, so you best steel yourself for crackers, drinks and chocolate galore. As usual, there's a discount code to go alongside and so if you read this and decide you want a box, head on over to Degustabox and use the code OXNGO for £7 off, which isn't to be sniffed at! I don't get anything in return, you just get a really good deal.

Let's start with the drinks, because we all know that I love it when I get a good drink (or a stiff drink) in my degustabox - and so I was pretty pleased to see two bottles of The Good Cider Of San Sebastian nestled in there, and I can't wait to get these open around Christmas, but right now they're burning a hole in the fridge until a more "appropriate" time to drink them (aka. not 9am on a Wednesday). I did also get a Glitter Berry J2O which is a nice addition for those who don't drink, plus the bottle is cute af. I also got a set of cartons of apple juice from Appy Kids Co. which I was, quite honestly, disproportionately excited about; I love some juice and these have pictures of the Gruffalo on the front (I just remembered this are in the fridge and actually might go and grab one before I finish off this post). Great if you've got kids, great if you're a kid at heart.

Next, let's talk about snack bits - because you know that I'm all about a good snack - and so let's start with the butter crisps from Jules Destrooper. Despite the misleading name, these are actually wafer like biscuits, and they're soft, buttery and good for Christmas morning when you're looking for something sweet to eat without entering into the dangerous "opening your selection box territory. In addition to these there were a packet of Pipers Crisps in Wild Thyme and Rosemary - which I knew that I was going to like because I absolutely love their Chorizo crisps, and these didn't disappoint. There was also some good old Butterkist, and who doesn't like Butterkist? There was a small packet of cinema sweet and a big packet of the new Chocolate Mallow flavour - I'm not sure if I loved or hated the latter, but I did manage to eat an entire packet, so take from that what you will.

Chocolate's next - and there were two little bits in this box; the Brodericks Brothers Handmade Rice Crispy Peanut Butter Bar which, I have it on good authority was really, really tasty, and also the Michel Et Augustin dark chocolate and sea salt cookies, which Katy's Mum didn't stop talking about for what seemed like about an hour. There was also a couple of packets of glitter jelly, and you know that I'm all about that shit.

Finally onto the more practical, but less exciting bits. Let's start with the tea that made me a little emotional and reminiscent over my old job at a swiss restaurant, and that's the pear and cinnamon strudel Ahmad's Tea. These are adorable tea bags and I absolutely can't wait to delve into them, but I do keep on forgetting, so there's that. On top of these there were two boxes of crackers (obviously being saved for Christmas) which were Ryvita Caramelised Onion Thins - the black pepper ones of these used to be my ultimate favourite lunch offering) and also some Cracked Black Pepper Crackers which look fab, so they'll be good come Christmas. The final, and least interesting offering in my opinion, is pepper sauce from Christian Potier, which will undoubtedly get used but will likely sit in the cupboard for a fair while since.

So there's November's Degustabox - let me know what you thought and what bits you've tried and loved if you got the box too!

Sammy xo.
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