Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sex Toy Wishlist #2

We all know that I love a sex toy, and it's been a while since I've done a good sex toy wishlist and with Christmas coming up, I thought that it'd benefit you to show you some of the things you could have under your tree if you've been nice (or very, very naughty I suppose). There's something for just about everyone and so if you think you might like a little more vibrators or bondage in your life, you've definitely come to the right place.

1: C String Vibrating Knickers - £32.99
Carvaka has fast become one of mine and Katy's favourite sex toy brands, and so I'm regularly flicking through to see what they have to offer. My favourite at the moment are definitely these vibrating C String knickers (Like a G string but without the extra bit. It took me a while to get it) - that you can wear on a day out to see just how good your self control is (the website's words not mine) or for a special night in with someone else holding the remote. I just like the idea of these and I think they could add a little spice into any night, though maybe swap them out for something a bit comfier if it's a Sunday and you're off to see your mate for a roast. It is from Carvaka though, and if you use LoveKaty in the code box you'll get 15% off (we don't get anything from it, we just like to hook you up with a good deal).

2: Big Box Of Sexual Happiness - £120
Okay so this is a bit of a cheat but come on, you get 24 sex toys and they essentially work out half price. I'm really getting back into loving and using sexual aids and so something like this seems like the perfect way to ease me back in, not that I need easing or really have £120 to spare; but if I did it would probably go for this over a Jo Malone calendar. They smell nice, but no candle is quite as orgasmic as actually finding a new way to make yourself come every day - so good work, Lovehoney, I'm definitely on board with that one.

3: Flickering Touch Massage Candle (Vanilla and Creme De Cocoa) - £24.90
This is a bit pricey for a massage candle but to be honest they're mine and Katy's favourite thing to have around. We used to use them a lot, and I like them because they can be sensual without being inherently sexual; sore back? Great, use a massage candle. Want to lick my clit? Great, start me off with a massage candle. They're versatile and you can get them in three different smells from Lelo, all of which I'm sure are amazing because they're my top sex toy brand pretty much of all time, but Vanilla and Creme De Cocoa is the one that I think would work best for me, whether I want comforting to be my end goal or coming.

4: Burnt Embers Wrist Cuffs - £14.99
You all knew that Bondara was going to end up on this list, because it always does. These wrist cuffs are ideal for me, I find that the silk ties I'm fond of using now are easy to tie but allow a little too much leeway and not enough friction for my liking, and so I like the idea of something as easy to use as cuffs, but I also like the idea that they'll be that bit rougher than using the silk ties that we're using now. Also like, this is part of their new range that's all black and copper/bronze and it's cute as fuck (no pun intended).

5: Rampant Rabbit Just The Ears - £21
To be honest I'm just going to come out and say it; I'm a bit fan of my clit. Sometimes I don't want a rubber penis or some fingers, I just want clitoral stimulation (and that's what most ladies come from to be fair so don't knock it!). Although I think this is expensive and strangely cutesy for what it is, I'm not against the idea of being able to focus on my clit with just the ears. Cute, practical and a good addition to most sex toy collections, in my opinion,

Let me know what sex toys you're lusting over, we're all friends here.

Sammy xo.


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