Thursday, 10 November 2016

Smiggle Liverpool

In the past, I haven't been the biggest fan of Smiggle. It's nothing against the shop itself, just that one summer Katy and I spent a weekend in Newcastle where everything possible seemed to go wrong, and it felt like every ten minutes we passed the board for their soon to open shop. Their "cross a smile and a giggle and you get smiggle" slogan became one of our favourite inside jokes and so I nearly split my sides laughing when we saw Smiggle was opening in Liverpool. When they asked me to pop over to view the shop and pick out some pieces to try, it was too good an opportunity to pass up and so Katy and I head over last weekend to take a peek and pick out some fantastically obnoxious stationery.

Now, it's important to note before I start that Smiggle is technically targeted at children - but if you're a person who is attracted to gimmicky, cutesy, totally over the top additions to your university bag, this is seriously going to be the one for you. The Liverpool shop is pretty small, but definitely not lacking - and so we did a quick lap and did a lot of smelling (we'll get onto that in a minute) before we settled down to pick anything. Now, it seems that just about 90% of the products Smiggle sell are scented, and so I picked something to perfectly represent that that I could use the other day, and the first thing that we nabbed were a pack of Scented Bonbon Highlighters 10 Pack. These aren't cheap, but I'd say that I've already got my moneys worth (£8.50, if you're counting that money) in university. Don't expect the smell of these to knock you out, but they definitely add a certain subtle scent to each page of my criminology notes and so I'm all about it - plus there's an amazing selection of colours in here which make colour coding things that bit easier.

Although the last thing Katy and I ever need are more notebooks, we opted for some anyway; Katy got the Pink A6 Notebook (£2.50) and I got the Blue A5 Notebook (£3). I haven't got much to say about these really except that they're pretty good quality, but these are definitely worth the money and I'd opt for these again in the future (although realistically, I literally never need another notebook in my entire life). Katy also got the Scented Pom Pom Pen in Pink (£3.50) because it's truly obnoxious and it struck us as hilarious that she would whip this out in the middle of her Masters seminar (can confirm, this still made me giggle even as I was writing this down!)

My big purchase of the day (although it actually only set me back £16.50 which wasn't too bad when I'm looking back at it) was the Study Scents Gift Pack. This, if you were to buy it like this instead of seperately, would cost you £30.25 and so it's a good deal, especially because it contains the actual hard top pencil case, an A6 exercise book, a scented jelly twist eraser, a scented tri barrel pen, a pencil, scented markers, a jumbo paperclip, a pencil sharpener clam and a pack of four scented pencils - a deal not to be sniffed at (no pun intended). As you might expect from the name, almost everything in this set smells and it's bloody amazing. More smelly stationery in 2017 please, let's bring it back.

All in all, I'm surprisingly about Smiggle. It's cheap enough for me to feel like I'm getting away with a bargain, and yet it makes me feel nostalgic, and happy. It's definitely one to try out if you have a store by you, and if you're in Liverpool head over to ours to see the amazing staff and get your stationery on.

Sammy xo.
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