Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Urban Decay Christmas Picks

Happily, in the past few weeks I've gotten my hands on a fair few goodies from Urban Decay; both from their lovely PR and from their Liverpool Debenhams stand. I've picked up so many bits and pieces and so I thought that I'd put together a list of Christmas picks out of my favourites in order to help you along with those Christmas wishlists (although I'm sure that none of you need a hand in that department.)

Come on, you knew that this was going to be on this list because I've banged on about it since it arrived at my house, but it really is one of my favourite palettes of the year so far. I like the mix of warm and cold, I like that most of these are matte with just one demi-matte base shade and I even like the brush (much smaller than its counterparts in the other Naked Palettes). This has a killer mirror in this too, and although it's not as easy to carry around as the other Naked Palettes, it's definitely more all-encompassing and so makes a great one to take on holiday. Trust me, it's worth every penny of the £38.50.

This is the best inner corner highlight I've ever seen - I saw it on a girl at an event and specifically searched it out to buy afterwards - it looks like snow in a tube and I absolutely love it. The girl at the event told me that you can use this as shadow, as an inner corner highlight or over the top of a matte eyeliner - and although I've only used it as the latter, I'm just honestly in love with it. You'll often see me rocking this on snapchat (or Katy, robbing cow).

I got these in Street, Push and Goldrush and I absolutely love them - they're sharp enough to get a good line without feeling as though you're properly stabbing your eyelids with them. I will say that (particularly the darker, less shimmery shades) they need a little in the way of building up, but they're definitely worth the buy and there's 20 shades to pick from - plus, they're only £16 each.

To be honest, I could have picked nearly all of Urban Decay's range to make this post, but I managed to whittle it down to a small selection - however, if you like anything not mentioned here, please do let me know!

Sammy xo.
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