Thursday, 22 December 2016

2017 Body Goals

Following on from yesterday's post on embracing my flaws, I have some goals for my body for next year. These aren't lose a ton of weight and become a bodybuilder, they're just physical goals that I have for myself for the next year or so. In the past year, my recovery has come first which means that I've not been being healthy when it comes to food as I've been too focused on getting through each day, and each week, and each month; but now I want to get back into the swing of things and work on myself to try and be a little healthier.

1: Be Able To Run Five Miles
Not that you'd be able to tell now, but I used to run a lot when I was in school, and it's a habit that I've fallen out of. At the minute, I'm living at Katy's and so we're right by the beach, so it seems as good a time as any to get back into running. I don't think I'm going to be running a marathon any time soon, but five miles seems not too out of reach, and so that's what I'm aiming for in 2017 (to clarify, I mean without having to stop halfway to gulp down air. So run five miles comfortably is what I really mean).

2: Get Back To A Size Twelve
I'm not excessively concerned about my weight, but I would like to get back to a healthier size for me personally, and that's only losing about a dress size which doesn't seem like anything too drastic. This is more of a health thing than a vanity thing, I often worry about my health and so I don't think shedding a dress size would do me too much harm.

3: Drink More Water
My skin is always a ton of shit, and I have no doubt that's because my blood is almost entirely made up of diet coke and orange and pineapple squash. I could do with drinking a lot more water, and maybe 2017 is the time to implement that - I'm not going to be one of those litre bottle carrying people that we all secretly want to be any time soon, but any water is better than no water (aka the amount that I'm taking it right now).

4: Go Outside More
I have a serious vitamin D deficiency that makes me tired and grumpy - I know this is because I've spent the best part of the last two years indoors and so my goal for 2017 is most definitely get out there and boost those vitamin D levels (insert joke about lesbians missing vitamin D here).

So there are my body goals for 2017, what are yours?

Sammy xo.


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