Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Best Memories Of 2016

2016 has been a pretty shitty year, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that. Haven't said that - it hasn't been all bad, and so I think that it's time that we reflect on the things in 2016 that didn't completely suck. They're personal things, obviously, because there's very little outside of my non-personal life that could make up for the heartbreak that I felt over Brexit and Trump, but nevertheless, here are my best memories of 2016.

1: Getting Engaged
Obviously. Meeting Katy as a new, healthier person and developing our relationship to the point where we got engaged was definitely my favourite of all of my 2016 memories. I don't think anything will ever measure up to me shouting literally yes whilst wearing a christmas jumper, and nothing will ever be greater than the can of carlsberg in the back of every photo we took to celebrate. Carlsberg don't do weddings, but if they did...

2: Poland 2016
An unexpected highlight of 2016 was meeting my best friends, Kaz and Robyn. Being surrounded by inspiring women on a regular basis is something I haven't ever really have, but Katy, Kaz, Robyn and Caitlin are some of the most inspiring, funny, most intelligent people I know. Without Poland we definitely wouldn't have connected on the same level, and I'm just so glad for those few days drinking vodka and pissing on the balcony that brought us so much closer together.

3: University
Making it to university, meeting all of my new friends and becoming the kind of person who argues to the deal about female characters in literature will always be one of my favourite memories of 2016. It's been a hard slog, it's included far too many essays and I've enjoyed only approximately 22% of it, but I'm still proud of myself every single day when it comes to the fact that I made it to uni and I'm there most days shouting my head off.

4: Finding my voice
To be honest, my favourite memory of this year has been the extent to which I've found my voice. I've gone from a timid little mouse to a girl screaming about things that matter to her to anybody that will listen. All in all, this is definitely my favourite memory.

So there's my favourite memories of 2016, seems like it hasn't been such a bad shitshow for me personally after all. What good things happened to you this year?

Sammy xo.

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