Sunday, 18 December 2016

Feminist Art

Since moving in with Katy our room has become a wonderland filled with feminist art, makeup, books and photographs. Although it's not permanent, the art has really helped me to feel as though I've put my mark on her room and so it feels a little more like mine. We have way too many pieces for me to talk through it all, but I've decided to focus on some of my favourite pieces on our wall, most of which fall at least somewhat into the feminist category. We bought some and were sent some, but all are pieces Katy and I agree will definitely be making the move with us when we finally sort out our own house.

Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into The Met. Museum? - Tate Liverpool (£1)
This is actually a piece of work by The Guerilla Girls in 1989 and, although we weren't lucky enough to see the original piece (or rather one of the original pieces) in the Tate Liverpool, when we saw this bookmark in the gift shop, we couldn't resist buying it to add to our wall. I'm not sure to what extent this is still true, but I think that it's definitely worth noting that, however true this remains to be, there were amazing female protestors and artists throughout history highlighting injustice. For Katy and I, this was a really cool thing to see and be able to buy for such an affordable price in such a prestigious place. I just love it, and it only cost us a quid, go and get one if you're by a Tate.

Don't Hate, Educate - Killjoy Designer (£8)
I love supporting up and coming designers, and I really do think that Killjoy Designer is one of the best ones that I've come across in a long while. I have a couple of her prints, but my favourite is definitely this Don't Hate, Educate poster. This a motto both of us try and live by, and so having it on the wall definitely goes a long way to helping me to try and be a lot more positive. I think it's important to remember how vital education is to feminism, and so this is just one of my favourite posters that we've got on the wall at the minute (we also have less shaming, more gaming and I love that one too, the designs are well worth checking out).

Support Bra - Ohh Deer (£0.75)
This one was already up when I moved into Katy's, but I really love it. Although Katy says hers is from Paperchase, it's exactly the same as this print from Ohh Deer, and as I couldn't find one on Paperchase, I've linked that one above instead. This is a cheap little funny print that just amuses me whenever I see it - it's nothing massively inspiring, I just like it a lot.

So those are my favourite pieces of art on our walls at the moment, if you have some favourites then I'd love to hear what they are so I can buy some new pieces!

Sammy xo.
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