Friday, 9 December 2016

Five Of My Greatest Achievements

I think that it's really hard to focus on yourself and all the amazing things that you've achieved. I know that, for me personally, I find it much easier to focus on all the things that I didn't do to the best of my abilities, and so I often overlook the things that I've done that have truly been amazing and changed me for the better. Today I'm celebrating all of my biggest achievements, big, small, personal or very public; here are five of my greatest achievements.

1: Making It Here
Both a public and private struggle - but you all know how bad the last few years were for me. Nevertheless, I blossomed and grew and I'm not only here, which is an achievement in itself, but I'm also striving, better than ever and working hard towards my future. It might not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but making it to the age of 23 was something that I just never thought I'd ever manage to do, and so the fact that I'm here now is pretty sound.

2: University
I don't know how many times I dramatically threaten to drop out of university on a weekly basis, but I am so proud that I made it here. I've gone from being a little shit in school to being a grown up shit in University, but I love learning about the things that I've chosen to study, I love that I'm finally back in an environment that I love and I bloody love that I can swear in seminars, in fact it's actively encouraged.

3: My Engagement
From breaking up the first time, I really changed as a person. I grew, became more compassionate, more confident and more sure of myself, and all of this lead back to a second try with Katy and, ultimately, our engagement. I couldn't be more pleased with how this all worked out for me, and although this engagement itself might not be something I would call an achievement (more a miraculous stroke of luck), the steps that I took that allowed it to happen are definitely some of my biggest achievements.

4: Mental health and Little Fickle
One of my biggest achievements now, and always, will be the choice to write about my mental health on the internet. It's been the hardest, most aggravating, most upsetting experience of my life - I've cried writing posts, cried reading them back, written trigger warning, after trigger warning, after trigger warning. But now I look back and I look at the messages that I received, the amount of people that said I was a part of provoking them to talk about their mental illness - and I could swell with pride at the fact that a severely depressed girl from her bedroom, and her recovery, helped so many people by sharing her journey.

5: Me, myself and I
Mostly, one of my biggest achievements is just me - the person that I've become, the person that I'm striving towards being every day. It's easy to forget that I created this whole person, and I make mistakes on the regular - but I am a warrior, a force to be reckoned with, and a pretty sound mate.

What are your biggest achievements?

Sammy xo.

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