Friday, 16 December 2016

Microblading - What Is It?

I'm all about a strong brow - but, unfortunately for me, I definitely wasn't blessed with one by nature. If you ask Katy the most annoying thing about me, or arguably even the most defining thing about me, it'll be that it takes me a solid hour and a half to do my makeup every morning, and about 75% of that time is spent drawing in the eyebrows I wish I had been naturally blessed with. So, when I was asked to speak about Microblading (not sponsored, not even on a gifting basis - just a favour for a company I really respect and like) I jumped at the chance, because it's something I wish I could afford and something I mention a lot to my friends, and they're always really interested, so I thought I'd share it on here.

Karen Betts is the woman to go to for all things brows, but her microblading technique has me fascinated. Microblading is, essentially, a more natural way to tattoo eyebrows and, as you might imagine, it essentially involves using a small blade to 'cut' in hair shapes, then fill them with pigment (trust me, I've watched so many videos and as painful as that sounds, it genuinely does seem to be more discomfort than pain). Karen Betts' method includes using a handheld device, and they draw the hairs in using different specially formulated pigments to blend with your natural hair, and make sure the hairs are different lengths and directions in order to better mimic a more natural brow.

As new as microblading is to the beauty world, Karen has some impressive accomplishments under her belt, with 20 years microblading experience and her elite team who are all trained in the art of the perfect microblading technique - and so I think it's safe to say that if you go there, you're in safe hands. Worrying about your brows looking too harsh because all you can think of is the 90's style tattooed brow? Me too, but I found a list of celebrities that have had it done, and to be honest - I can't even tell half of them have non-natural brows, so that says a lot about how good the technique is.

Obviously, one of the big downfalls of microblading is that you need to be sure that you go to a good artist, and they're not easy to find. For me Karen has been someone whose work I've long admired, especially as one of her studios isn't far from my house in Cheshire - but the general rule of thumb is go to a good artist (and Karen has other studios too, in London and Pontefract). In general, google it, check reviews, look at portfolios and when you're in doubt probably don't go.

So I think that I've covered pretty much all that I wanted to in this post - and as I said, it's not an ad, I wasn't paid, and I'm not working with Karen on a gifting basis, it just seemed a good thing to talk about when you know how passionate I am about brows. If any of you have had your brows microbladed, I'd love to know!

Sammy xo.

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