Sunday, 11 December 2016

Rocks Off Rock Chic Mini Review

Let's talk about Rocks Off which is, by the way, the best name I can think of for a sex toy company. We have a lot of toys and so it does take something that really hits the spot, excuse the pun, in order to really wow me and make me want to tell all of my friends about it (or at least all of my internet friends, my real friends aren't quite as open minded). That's where Rocks Off's Rock Chic Mini comes into play - affordable, small enough to store away or carry with you when you're travelling, and just generally a really good sex toy.

I have to say I wish that this wasn't called Rock Chic, and I wish it wasn't written on the side in such cutesy lettering because that just makes it feel a bit cheap - but all is forgiven when you switch this little sucker on. It's curved into a gentle C shape which allows for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, which is nice as stimulation goes - and it just feels intense in the best possible way. There are 7 vibration patterns and so this is a good one for beginners, and it'll stick as one of your favourites as you go on I'd imagine, there's a speed and vibration pattern for everybody!

Katy wants it on record that she tried this one and when I asked her opinion just now she said, 'yeah I liked it' which sounded pretty untrue but having been there, I can assure you that this was the case. On the whole, although we have a lot of vibrators and a fair few G-Spot stimulators, combining the two in one toy is just something that we hadn't really tried before, and I found it more than pleasant. It's easy to insert, comfortable to wear, and it isn't going to fall out when you use it on your own, or when the vibrations are going strong - all of which are a bonus.

This is easy to clean, and easy to store - but the few criticisms that I have are mainly related to the design. I wish this came in a better design, as aforementioned, and I wish that it came in other colours than pink and purple, because I'm all about a sleek black sex toy - but the biggest problem is with the button/switch location, which is at the bottom of the outside curve of the toy. Although I didn't imagine this to be a problem, having successfully used a bullet with a similar design in the past, the fact that for this toy you're simultaneously trying to rock the toy and move the vibrator means that I've caught it and changed the vibration pattern at the wrong time more than a couple of times.

All in all, it's one of the best toys I've used, in term of it actually works and how good it feels in terms of use; but I wish that the design was a bit different to suit me more personally. Having said that, it's under £30 on Harmony Store and I don't think that's really anything to be sniffed out, so if it sounds like your thing then I'd definitely recommend it.

Sammy xo.
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