Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Thinx Period Pants

I'm all about that eco-friendly, reusable period materials life. Having said that, I bleed a lot - like, a lot, and so it's not really practical for me to rely solely on a cup, as much as I'd like to. I've always backed a cup up with pantyliners or sanitary towels, but it's not always the best way forward and especially not for the kind of period I want to have personally, and so when Thinx offered to send me some period pants; I was all over them. 

For those of you who don't know, Thinx are literally knickers that replace a pad, tampon or cup or they can be used in conjunction with them if, like me, you suffer particularly badly. I'll admit I was more than a little dubious about these. Would they absorb? Would it be like wearing a bikini underneath my clothes? Would it actually be able to hold that much blood without feeling like I was sitting in a pool of my own womb lining? As doubtful as I was, I opted to try the boyshorts in a medium and then anxiously awaited my period.

Now, to be honest, there was absolutely no way I was willing to go entirely Thinx. I respect people that can, but it makes me anxious about leakage and I just bleed to heavily for it to be something that I'm comfortable with in any way, shape or form and so I opted to try them with a menstrual cup as a back up. I waited until my flow was a little lighter so I wasn't going to massively ruin any pyjamas if I leaked and then inevitably forgot to wash them in time to prevent staining, but I have to say that - as good as these are - I'm just not sold.

Although these are soft on the inside, they do feel like neoprene on the outside - presumably to stop any leakage. They're comfortable if you get the right size - but therein lies a problem for me. I didn't want to get a large because I think they'll be too big, and I think that will obviously be detrimental to the anti-leak properties of the knickers, but the medium is just that bit too tight - not cutting-off-my-circulation tight, but they're definitely not-something-I-want-to-wear-when-I'm-cramping-this-bad tight. They undoubtedly do absorb (and I can confirm that I had no leakage) but they just aren't for me, I feel uncomfortable when I'm wearing them, like I'm constantly waiting for a leak. Although they're not bad, we're just not soulmates.

These aren't cheap at $39, but you can reuse them and each purchase helps donations towards girls in third world countries, which is something I'm really behind. Though they're not for me, I would say if you rely solely on pads, these could be a good step for you; especially if your period is on the lighter side. It was a thumbs down from me on these, but let's move onto the next one (which I'm hoping will be reusable cloth pads!)

Sammy xo.

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