Saturday, 14 January 2017

Beauty Pie Pro-Glow Highlighter

People say that there's a first for everything, and this particular one is "the first time that I've felt like I need some sort of business degree in order to wrap my head around a product and share it with you guys". Beauty Pie is everywhere right now, and still people are struggling to get their heads around the concept of a buyers club for beauty addicts, myself included. What I am good at though is highlighter so strong that you can see it from another continent, and spoiler alert; Beauty Pie has got me shook.

There's a very distinctive high end highlighter that this looks like and I'll be honest, I think that's the point of making the Pro-Glow Highlighter look like this (Laura Geller for those of you who have never seen a highlight in this pattern) but instead of £21, this will only set you back £5.46 - sort of. The catch is that to avoid paying 'regular' price (based upon similar premium products with similar formulas, packaging etc.) you have to pay £10 a month to 'buy yourself in' and the products are cheaper, by far, but you also have to pay a minimum of three months membership (you still with me? I'm trying my best, guys.) So, if you only but this it will actually knock you back £35.46, but if you buy tons and max your limit (£100 a month regular price) then you've split the price a little more. Does any of that make sense? It's hard to get your head around.

Complicated maths and business aside, this highlighter is seriously good, and you can tell that it's been made by experts. This one was sent to me but, truly, had I shelled out the £5 for it I definitely wouldn't have been disappointed. It's got a delicate bronze shade mixed with a shiny white shade that combine together to create this really beautiful champagne colour, and I'm in love, oh my god, I'm in love. Admittedly, it's more glittery than I'd like, it's very strong and you can overdo it easily; but it's seriously buttery, so pigmented and just generally a beautiful product.

The truth is, as gimmicky as I thought that Beauty Pie was the first time that I was looking it up, you really are looking at high end products for drugstore price here, the packaging is shiny and clean, there's a big mirror, the product is undoubtedly so much closer to Bobbi Brown than it is to MUA - it's got that glitter of a drugstore product, but not in a bad way, and that softness, that pigmentation of a high end product. It's well worth the £5, and for a beauty junkie like me - I know I'd make the most of a 3 month subscription, so I don't think I'd be mad at shelling out an extra £10 a month to keep myself in cheap, high end quality beauty products.

I'm trying to get my hands on more Beauty Pie so I can talk about it on here, but so far, so good. I'd love to hear your experiences with Beauty Pie if you've tried any of their products so far!

Sammy xo.
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