Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Blonde Sexy Hair

This isn't me giving myself a really big compliment here, it's actually the name of the blonde range from Sexy Hair. Blonde Sexy Hair has two ranges; one based on blonde hair and one targeted more specifically to those of us with bleached or dyed blonde hair - luckily, I have a mixture of the two and so when Blonde Sexy Hair offered to send me some products to try out; neither were completely wasted on me and so I've been able to try both ranges out before I gave my opinion; to be honest (spoiler alert) I just feel as though I'm majorly on the fence with Blonde Sexy Hair as a brand.

I've tried the Big Sexy Hair Big Blow Dry Volumizing Gel in the past and been really impressed by it, and so I was a little disappointed with the Blonde range - however, it's not terrible. Let me explain a little more; starting with the packaging, which I love - each range in the Sexy Hair product line has a different colour and the blonde range is, quite fittingly, in gold packaging. The packaging is sleek, the shampoo and conditioner both have caps at the top, which I really do like, and half of the range (the Blonde Sulphate Free Bombshell half) have pictures of Marilyn Monroe on, which is a nice touch in my humble opinion, although it doesn't really fit with the packaging of the other ranges.

Half of the products that I have are the purple range, and half are just the colour protectant range and to be fair, both of them do what they say that they will on the bottle. The purple shampoo is great at knocking the brassy tones out of my hair, which is something that I need some days when I've just re-dyed the bleached parts of my hair, and the sulphate free blonde bombshell shampoo keeps my hair from being dry for the most part, which anyone with blonde hair will tell you is a small miracle. So, so far so good - but not all good, I'm afraid.

My main issue with this is one that I just can't work out - and it's that I just don't seem to be able to completely wash it out of my hair no matter how hard I try. It smells amazing, I love how it makes my hair look, but I end up with such greasy looking roots from not being able to wash it out properly that I just don't seem to be reaching for it as much as I would like, or as much as I'm reaching for other products like Pureology's Perfect 4 Platinum, in any case. This could, admittedly, be human error - but now I'm aware that it keeps happening, I find myself really scrubbing at my roots to get the shampoo off my hair, and I'm still facing the same problem.

Although the products aren't awful, and more competent (if there's such a thing) hair washers might have some more luck - but I personally won't be paying £14 for more bottles of this in the future. Tips of how to get it to work on my hair appreciated, however! 

Sammy xo.
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