Thursday, 19 January 2017

DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

Now, before you start this review; this isn't the much hyped about Deep Cleansing Oil that is so beloved on YouTube, but rather it's older, arguably better, sister; DHC's Pore Cleansing Oil. I don't get on with the Deep Cleansing Oil, it's just a little much for my skin and I feel as though it clogs my pores in a really uncomfortable way, however, this is a whole different ball game. I've always thought that cleanser was cleanser, and to have a holy grail cleanser seemed a little ridiculous, but I just might have to eat my words, because DHC has stolen my heart.

Let's talk about the first revolutionary part of this product; it's an oil with a pump. You might think that this seem ridiculous, but if so I can only assume that you're not the kind of person who's tried to use an oil from a "tip upside bottle" and got it on every surface within a 6cm radius. This pump is a definite bonus when it comes to the product; I always get the right amount of product right into the palm of my hand, and there's none of that slippery hands, trying to get a lid back on a bottle scenario that I've come to hate so much. This ode to a pump has gotten a little out of hand, hasn't it? I can probably move onto something else now, really.

Now let's talk about the oil itself - which, Katy rightfully pointed out the first time that we used it, is almost like a gel in it's consistency. I know that with this being a Pore Cleansing Oil I should have realised that it wouldn't be greasy, but I just wasn't expecting it to leave my skin as matte as it does. This melts down makeup, cleans all of the gunk out of my skin and generally does seem to leave it feeling better, cleaner, and a lot less shiny and greasy than before I start. It's the best kind of oil for me personally - in that it isn't like an oil at all when it comes to the bad parts of an oil.

Now this stuff isn't cheap at £25, but it really isn't going to break the bank either and so, if you're looking for a good cleanser and you have oily skin like mine, this might just be worth shelling out the extra dollar on. All in all, I have found DHC to be worth the money that you pay on it, but I am willing to concede that if you have dry skin then this might be a little too drying, but for a deep cleanse then this could definitely be the one. £25 is definitely more than worth it for what this does for my skin - and I really would recommend it, especially to those with oily skin.

If you've ever tried an oil that did really good things for your skin - I'd love to hear what it is!

Sammy xo.
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