Thursday, 26 January 2017

Engagement Dress Wishlist

Since we got engaged, there's only been one thing on my mind; not the wedding venue, or the date, or the rings (which are gorgeous, by the way) - but rather dresses. In my case, the wedding dress is currently by the by, because in the next few months we're planning on having an engagement party, and that means that I get a pretty dress to show off to all of my friends and family. As this is in the immediate future, I can get away with searching the perfect one out right now; and so, here are my favourites so far. 

1: Floral Stone Jacquard Prom Dress - £85
Actually my least favourite of all of the dresses in terms of wearing it to my engagement party because I think wearing black at an engagement party/wedding/etc. is unlucky - but how gorgeous is the green in this dress? The skirt is a real old fashioned flare skirt and I just love everything about it. I do have a sneaking suspicion that it might feel like crepe paper though, and clothes made of that material are the actual bane of my life.

2: Cream and Coral Satin Skater Dress - £19.99
This one is actually sold out, and I'm not surprised at the price - but there are plenty of other options over on the occassion dresses page of Quiz's website. When I was a teenager, I remember Quiz having quite a poor reputation, but my twenty first dress was from Quiz and I absolutely loved it, and I often find myself looking on their site and so I'd be happy to buy from them again. Potentially a bit too "wedding-guest-in-Summer" for this occasion, but a beautiful dress nonetheless.

3: Hybrid Tie Back Midi Dress - £36
I actually want this for my everyday life, but I definitely think that I could pull off wearing it to our engagement party. The gorgeous skirt colour of this, paired with the gentle grey sweater like top and the pink tie on the back is just gorgeous - and paired with heels, this could definitely be dressed up, but I'd also be able to get a fair amount of wear from it in the future, too.

4: Vero Modo Floral Shirt Dress - £38
I love the pattern on this so, so much - but I'm so torn about the shape of the dress because I feel like it'd probably look a bit nothing-y on me, to be honest. I like the collar and cuffs though, and I think it would look dainty and respectable; which probably means that this one isn't the best to suit my personality.

5: Floral Embroidered Cami Dress - £27
Probably my favourite to date, even though it is black. This will be my choice if we have a few months between now and our engagement party, but unfortunately it's not the one if the party happens to fall in the winter months. I like the neckline of this, and I've had a fair few Summer dresses from Forever 21 in the past, so I know it'll be top quality if nothing else.

If you have any suggestions for a dress for my engagement party, let me know!

Sammy xo.
*post sponsored by Quiz Clothing*


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