Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Il Forno Liverpool Review

You may have seen that last week, Katy and I went on a date night that consisted of cocktails, pasta, amazing desserts and shots of prosecco - and, happily for us, we had been invited along so we also got to take some pretty pictures whilst spending some quality time with each other. Just outside of Liverpool's City Centre, up Duke Street and by the college campus, lies the beautiful, warm and inviting Il Forno. A fan of Italian cuisine? We are too, and I can guarantee that after seeing the pictures of the food at this place, you're going to be calculating how much your uber there would cost you; brace yourselves.

First up were the drinks, and we opted for something on the more simple side; Katy went for Magner's Cider and I went for Lemonade, and then we ordered some focaccia to start, some pasta dishes for mains and settled in to chat, hold hands, and generally be adorable across the table top (or obnoxious, depending on how you feel about touchy-feely couples). Then, after what seemed like forever because Katy and I were really hungry, our focaccia arrived; we had both opted for rosemary and salt, and it came on rustic bread boards and was genuinely amazing. I would say that it's not for the faint hearted - it's almost a whole loaf of bread for starters; but it was fantastic, soft and well flavoured, and Katy and I both managed to finish it completely.

For mains; Katy opted for tomato and mozzarella gnocchi, and I chose pumpkin and pancetta risotto, and Katy tells me that hers was absolutely fantastic (more on that in her post in the future, I'd imagine), and mine definitely was. Risotto can be a little bit hit or miss for me; it can be a little soggy or wet, or it can be not soggy or wet enough - but this was spot on. It was creamy and sweet with the addition of the pumpkin, but with the salty addition of the pancetta to cut through that, and to be honest; it was one of the more enjoyable pasta dishes I've had in a while (is risotto technically pasta or rice, because I feel as though it's the latter?)

After a small break and a decision that took approximately three seconds, we both also opted for dessert - and although Katy went for the slightly lighter Raspberry Cheesecake, I picked Toffee Cheesecake with a Profiterole topping - but my eyes were bigger than my belly on this one, because whereas Katy managed to finish all of hers, I had to admit defeat partway through the slab; both were amazing, although Katy's was closer to pannacotta in texture, though that's not really a bad thing in any way. All ready to leave; we stopped to chat with the manager and somehow got roped into cocktails; oh, the cocktails.

Katy picked a peach crush (amazing, not as peachy as you might imagine) and I opted for a surprise. A surprise I certainly got, as the waiter seemed to entirely forget what went into the cocktail, but it was amazing nonetheless, and was basically an alcoholic orange and passionfruit j2o, which is all good in my book. Mine not only came with a round ice cube that had orange peel in the middle much to my fascination, but also with a frozen shot glass with an orange segment inside that was a shot of prosecco. This was a highlight of the meal, really - and trying to drink out of a shot glass made of ice is harder than you might imagine. 

The whole night was amazing, and the staff on hand were brilliant - all in all, it's somewhere that I thought was way too out of my pay range; but I have to say that even if this hadn't have been a PR meal, we definitely wouldn't have struggled to pay for it. If you're around Duke Street, Il Forno should definitely be your choice destination for lunch.

Sammy xo.
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