Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lee Stafford Fix It Detangler

I have notoriously tangly hair - imagine Rapunzel's after than scene in Tangled where she's running in circles, and you've got what it's like for me when I've gotten out of the bath. No amount of conditioner can solve it, ragging through it in the shower only results in a number of welts on my body and a clogged plughole, a tangle teezer doesn't help, a wet brush is useless - basically, I've been at a loss, and it's gotten to the point where it's so unmanageable that I literally dread washing my hair because I know I'm going to have to battle with it when I get out of the shower. Enter hair heroes Lee Stafford and their Fix It Detangler - no, I know you think this is a gimmicky product for six year olds repackaged, but stick with me here.

First thing I'll admit is that I actually don't brush my own hair these days; it's so long, thick and messy that I need another set so most of this review is written by me, but has come from how many times I feel the need to shout ouch out loud when my beautiful fiance is doing me a solid and trying to tame my hair. Second thing is that the only other detanglers that I've used in the past genuinely are aimed at children - as in, the last one that I had genuinely had a frozen themed bottle and smelled like strawberry calpol. This is a far cry from poundland's offering, it's fresh, clean and aimed at adults who not only need to tame their hair, but need to make sure it's taking the best care of their hair possible.

This genuinely does seem to be some kind of bizarre miracle worker - and I'm yet to work out why, but I'm just not willing to complain at this point. You just spray this on damp hair and brush through, and I'm not going to go from Hermione in the first Harry Potter film to Cher from Clueless after one swift spray, but it definitely does mean that I don't have to tug my hair out in order to get the knots out. This smells like some sort of beautiful seaside salon, doesn't make my hair greasy, and does seem to be sent by some subtle hair god that isn't willing to create a miracle product, but is willing to get pretty close.

Truly, this is the one. I don't really fall that easily for hair products, my hair is just messy and I've come to accept that, but this little wonder is definitely worth talking about. Also, it's not going to break the bank, because this little beauty (in an obnoxious pink bottle that I literally love) will only set you back £6.99, and you can even grab it in your nearest Boots.

So messy haired girls, rejoice - because Lee Stafford has got your back and there's a detangler out there that really does work.

Sammy xo.
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