Sunday, 22 January 2017

Merci Handy Hand Sanitizers

Katy and I have this weird thing about nice smelling hand sanitizers - meaning that we have huge collections full of Bath and Bodyworks, Carex and Primark options; and we use them surprisingly often. I find it a good option to alcohol gel my hands before starting skincare or makeup to ensure I'm spreading as little bacteria all over my face as possible. Similarly, Katy and I often both use them before we eat in University if we've been in lectures and whatnot, and also before we put hand cream on (which seems a bit weird to me know I'm saying it). But, the point of all this was simply to say when Merci Handy offered to send me out some of their hand sanitizers to try, I was all over it and eagerly awaited the arrival of the parcel.

We had seen this brand in Sephora in Krakow, and so I already new that the packaging was adorable - the bottles are similar in shape to the old school Bath and Bodyworks bottles (the angled, rectangular type bottle as opposed to the smaller, more circular bottle that they use now) and they have really cute, almost retro type logos and labels that all correspond to the colour of the product inside, as well as the name of the product (cherry is red, black vanilla is black etc. etc. etc.) which is a nice little addition that makes the scent I'm looking for easy to find even when I haven't got my glasses on.

Now let's get onto the scents - because it's worth noting that I'd say that this is where they seem to fall short. There's seven scents overall, and I can't speak for all of them because I've only been testing three - but I will be speaking about Flower Power, Cherie Cherry and Black Vanilla; and none have really massively taken my breath away - except for the fact that they all seem to smell overwhelmingly of alcohol which literally has taken my breath away on a number of occasions. My main thing about the scent is that I'm used to the Strawberry Lace of Carex, or the Vanilla Sugar of Bath and Bodyworks - distinctive smells that you can put a name on even if you're applying them in the dark, and Merci Handy just doesn't have that.

They smell nice and they sink in fast, but Cherie Cherry and Flower Power both smell, in my opinion, like old fashioned soap - clean, and fresh, but not overly flowery or fruity as you'd imagine; Black Vanilla does smell more like vanilla than the others smell like their respective intended scents, but it's not like cake batter on your hands by any means, more like the leftover smell if you washed your hands using a vanilla hand soap three hours ago and have been touching things since then (get your minds out of the gutter, there).

Now these aren't going to disappoint for €3 per bottle (prices may vary in Sephora, but I'm gone from the Merci Handy website), they're nice little products, but don't think for a minute you're going to meet the most amazing smelling hand sanitizers of your life (much more pleasant once they're settled than the actual plain alcohol ones, though, so that's worth noting).

Sammy xo.
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