Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mudmasky Recovery Mask Review

I love a good basic name and so Mudmasky ticked that box for me and immediately peaked my attention. I have to say though, this stuff is bizarre; I love a good mud mask, but surely one of the simply pleasures in life is scooping that mud mask out of a jar and slapping it on your face. Admittedly, Mudmasky takes the fun out of that now that it's in a tube, but that means that basically what Mudmasky is, is a number of face masks in one handy tube. Good for the traveller, lazy person, and those of us prone to dropping mud mask all over the bed (not me, of course!).

Now, let's get the elephant in the room (tube?) out of the way, and that's the price - because this tiny tube of supposed miracle will set you back a hefty £61. Now if it works, that's a small price to pay for pore refining, hydrating, anti-aging, brightening and smoothing if it works like it should. Well, not a small price, but probably a "worth it" type price, you understand. This is suitable for all types of skin, however you have to leave it on different amounts of time dependant on your skin type; mine being oily, I left this on for 11 minutes, and did it do miracles? Did I whip it off thinking "wow, that £6.10 face mask was worth it" (assuming you'll get a good ten masks out of one tube given the extortionate price).

Well... No, I really didn't. I left this on until I felt like a weeping angel from Doctor Who, and when I washed it off I mainly thought that my face looked exactly the same, only very, very red. Katy tried this at the same time as me and it didn't really seem to make her face react, but mine was left itchy, shiny and uncomfortable and so, to be honest, since then I haven't really risked using it again, because my skin is finally clearing up and I'm not willing to fuck that up just yet.

So is it worth it? In my humble opinion, no. It's not a bad product, but something in this definitely reacted with my face, and so it's worth saving yourself the £60 if you might have sensitive skin. Sorry Mudmasky, you almost had my heart there, but it's goodbye from me.

EDIT: I have since talked to Mudmasky, who tell me the products are higher quality adding to the price. Also, contrary to the packaging, it should be test patched on all skin, not just sensitive.

Sammy xo.
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