Friday, 20 January 2017

Our Travel Plans For 2017

More than our wedding, or moving out together (both of which are still fairly close to the top of our agenda, don't get me wrong), the thing that Katy and I wanted to do most this year was travel. We debated so many places, we've looked at deal after deal and in the end the only thing that stuck out was that we both shared the same want to travel to places fewer people go to; we wanted to experience the world; not just from costas and resorts, but from walking through towns, taking trains into other countries, trying different food and going to as many places that we can before we have to get our shit (and money) together, and be real adults.

So, in two weeks time; we go to Riga in Latvia. Want to know what Riga is famous for? Absolutely no clue whatsoever; there are tons of museums, art galleries and churches and we are going to go and visit them all. We've decided that we're not making solid plans this time around - we aren't making and itinerary; we're taking it as it comes, seeing as much as we can, travelling through cities and finding whatever we can find; touristy or otherwise. It'll be cold, we've got our walking shoes ready for the sheer amount of miles we're going to cover; and I'm excited to be travelling like this, to be stumbling upon things we love instead of planning it to the very last minute like we might have done in the past (partly to curb my anxiety, admittedly).

Latvia is already booked - and then when I get paid this month; Slovakia will be too. Slovakia is a big trip for me, one that I'm so excited to book - but also one that includes taking a train to another country altogether for a night to visit Vienna, something that I wouldn't have been able to do this time last year. Slovakia will mean taking trains from one country to another, with a language barrier featuring two languages I can't speak well at all; but I'm ready to try it, ready to get Duolingo on the case to cover the basics - ready to push myself to my limits.

The Summer brings Sofia in Bulgaria and an actual beach holiday together for the first time ever; then the Autumn brings Romania, then December brings an annual trip to Poland - though this year we won't be visiting Krakow; we're branching out and visiting a different city in the beautiful country to see what else there is for us to fall in love with. Travelling marks a new start for me; both in my relationship with Katy and realising what is most important to us right now as a pairing, but also individually - this marks a huge step in my recovery; a step I wouldn't have been able to take this year. I'm no longer scared of seeing the world, I'm absolutely terrified I might not see every piece of it; in one way or another.

If you have any travel plans this year I'd love to hear about them!

Sammy xo.


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