Monday, 23 January 2017

Rites Of Passage Since I Left Home

Since I left home - I've hit some major rites of passage. Of course some of these were like staying out and not being back at my mum and dad's for a month, or my room finally being taken over with shit and the ironing board so my mum can finally have the junk room she's seemingly alway wanted - but mostly, there were tiny things I've been through that made me think, "oh shit, I've actually moved out". Living here is one of my favourite things, waking up with Katy will never get old, I love waking up with a tiny dog in our room - but there are also times I've had a slight meltdown about the fact I don't live with my mum and dad anymore, and these have quickly become rites of passage since I left home, at least in my head.

1: Being Ill
Nothing makes you realise just how final moving out is than when you're sick, curled up in bed and crying for your mum. Now, my mum lives approximately 20 minutes down the road, so realistically I could have gone to her home when this was happening to me, however, being ill without her there to bring me presents, stroke my hair and tuck me into bed was definitely one of the first rites of passage when it came to moving out. Surely if I can handle a poorly tummy without my mum there to snuggle me back, I can definitely handle most other things; you know, like eating broccoli and remembering to take my vitamins and whatnot.

2: Running Out Of Money
There's nothing I can quite compare to running out of money when you've moved out. You want to be a grown up, you want to prove that you can do it - but running out of money when you first move out has definitely got to be one of my rites of passage. Sheer panic, deciding whether you're going to ring your mum, crying and living on eight quid for a solid three weeks is definitely something that makes moving out feel a lot more realistic. Definitely a rite of passage for me was when I ended up paying off £300 of overdraft fees.

3: The First Time I Ran Out Of Clothes
Not all clothes, I can always find a spare set of leggings or jeans, especially as I live with another girl, but the first time I really realised how much my mum used to do with me was when we ran out of nearly all of our knickers. This was a rite of passage for me; and I can happily say that Katy and I still regularly forget to do enough washing at least once a month. 

Those are the rites of passage I've been through since I left home, but I'd love to know if you share them, or if you've had some of your own!

Sammy xo.

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