Monday, 9 January 2017

Sleepless in Seattle (and just about everywhere else)

I write this wondering how I'm still sitting up. In between training for a new job, university exercises due in next week, actually turning up to university, writing a business plan to apply for a business loan, (somewhat) keeping up with my blog, attempting to launch both my own youtube channel and a joint one with my girlfriend, I'm also attempting to find time to live, to find time to eat and sleep and see my friends in a way that doesn't just include business plans and researching competitors for a business we're attempting to set up.

 My biggest issue right now is sleep; between anxiety based insomnia that has me awake at 4am wondering how they did get those statues on Easter Island to stand up, a dog that likes to lick the air, wander round the bed and snore as loud as possible, and the fact I want to spend some time with my girlfriend that isn't just me on my laptop in a last ditch attempt to catch up on whatever I'm behind on - I don't get a lot of sleep, I don't get nearly enough sleep.

I used to think that my regular lack of sleep was mostly to do with something normal that happens to busy people, or young people, or people suffering from a mental illness (or two in my case). I always thought it came from worrying about being in debt, or worrying about not speaking to your family, or having aching joints that you can't ever get quite get comfortable with. To an extent, all of these contribute to a bad night's sleep - but when I add them all together (not by choice, I'd like to point out here) it means that my regular lack of sleep has gone beyond 'normal' levels and far into 'unsure how I'm functioning on a daily basis'.

This is beginning to sound like a woe-is-me sort of post isn't it? How many of you are considering closing your laptops in frustration, telling me to just stop doing so much stuff? I don't blame you, if I was reading someone else's post like this I think that I'd be feeling the same - but the point I think I was trying to make when I started this post (I don't exactly remember, tiredness will do that to you) is that we all overwork ourselves, we all need to make sure that we're taking care of ourselves, taking time out when we need it, knowing that there's no shame in asking for a break every now and again.

I know it's easier said than done, and I know that nothing that I say will stop you working too hard and just using your tunnel vision to stay focused on your next holiday, or the summer, or the end of a big project, or whatever the 'end point' is for your current stress; but just remember to drink enough, get enough sleep and take care of yourself. I'll definitely be trying harder!

Sammy xo.

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