Monday, 2 January 2017

Smile Makers The Frenchman Review

I'm starting my real post of the year as I mean to go on - sat at a desk and surrounded by new sex toys. Today's toy of choice is from a brand I've talked about before (you can catch me chatting about Smile Makers last year some time here) - and it doesn't disappoint. Pastel coloured sex toys with smiley faces that have adorable taglines? I don't know what more I could possibly want in a company to be honest, but I have got a little more to say than "aesthetically pleasant".

Let's start with the company itself - Smile Makers makes some solid products, but they're also making huge leaps forward in terms of normalising masturbation, and you'll even find their affordable products on the shelves of a Superdrug near you (I mean admittedly the top shelf, but fair enough). The Frenchman is the final addition to our sex toy collection from Smile Makers (you might think it's excessive to have all of the sex toys from one company, but I'd raise you the fact that you're wrong). Like you'd expect, this fits into the pastel colour scheme of the brand, and so let's talk about this baby blue slice of excitement.

In it's design, this is pretty simple - a basic curved bullet vibrator with the added addition of a curl of thin, flexible plastic. Like the other offerings from this company they have four vibration modes and one pulse mode and will let you play anywhere up to four hours on one AAA battery, so you probably won't even need to head out to get this one started, just dig around in your junk drawer (we've all got one). I found this one a little harder to get to grips with than the others - using it on someone else was fine as I could see just where the curl of plastic needed to be, but on myself it just seemed a little fiddly and unnecessary when I could just whip out a bullet. It's not unpleasant by any means, but when I want to get off, I don't want to spend half of the time it takes to get myself off trying to work out the best angle to work a toy.

Does it feel like a tongue? It does and it doesn't - I get why it's been made in the way that it has, and in some ways it does mimic a tongue; but, you're never going to mistake it for your partner. Having said that - it moves more quickly than a tongue ever could and the sensation is very different to the traditional hard ended bullets out there, so it's definitely a good addition to a collection, I just can't imagine it will ever become a fast favourite for me personally. For £34.95 though, it's not going to break the bank and it's certainly not a bad toy to add to the collection.

Let me know your favourite toys at the minute, and if you've tried Smile Makers I'd love to know your favourite product of theirs!

Sammy xo.
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  3. Thanks for the nice article. I was really laughing at this name — the Frenchman :)
    There's some truth in your post, but i like more classic bullet vibrators with remote controll, because the Frenchman have very strange shape

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