Sunday, 1 January 2017

Thanks, 2016.

Let's not mess around here, 2016 has sucked. It sucked for pretty much everybody I know, and I'm glad to see the back of it. Let's not get this post mixed up for a nice to cya but be on your way post - because, like the post says, this isn't a goodbye, it's a thank you. I won't be crying over the end of 2016, I won't be wishing that extra second could go on forever - but 2016 has taught me a lot about who I am, and so this is a great big thank you (suck it up, 2016, it's only happening this once).

2015 was quite honestly the worst year of my life, and making it to 2016 took every little thing that I had in me. I didn't see it happening, I started it in an argument with my girlfriend and in a really bad place - but I sit here on the cusp of 2017 (I know you've heard that about 20 million times in the last 24 hours but, admit it, it's a boss phrase) a completely different person thanks to everything that 2016 threw at me. Thanks to 2016 I've seen the start, and the end, of therapy, I've seen a break up, a make up and an engagement (all to the same person), it's seen me lose people, gain people and find my voice. 

2016 has thrown full on boulders in my way, and yet I've found a way to climb around them and keep going. I've finished therapy, fully recovered, kept on top of my meds, started university, met Charlotte Tilbury, worked with some amazing brands and I've become a person that I just never imagined being when I started this year. I'm strong, confident, bossy and I know my own worth - I've learned to argue back, I've learned to realise when the argument isn't worth it in the first place, I've put my face on the camera (and there'll be a lot more of that to see ijn 2017).

So thanks 2016, for being that one ex that is so bad that you reevaluate your life and become a much better version of yourself. Thanks for being that one shot that makes you sick and so you know which alcohol to avoid in the future. Thanks for being that 2004 photograph of me in blue eyeliner that made me realise that it wasn't a good luck for me. Thanks for being the catalyst, the solution, the straw that broke the camels back and the vet that put it back together. Thanks for everything, for making me the person who can sit here writing this on New Year's Eve, in a shared bedroom with the love of my life, singing to old music and generally happy to start afresh when the clock ticks over tonight.

I hope 2016 was good for you, I hope 2017 will be so much better.

Sammy xo.

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