Friday, 13 January 2017

What It's Really Like Living Together

When I thought about moving in with Katy, I imagined that it would be into a tiny white flat with new bedsheets and student crockery. Instead, it turned out to be me moving into Katy's mum and dad's house, and sharing a room in a family home - and it's fair to say that, as lovely as it's been, it's just not really what I expected. People say that moving in with your loved on is all waking up with the person you love, one of you cooking whilst the other adorably sits on the countertop wearing just a long top and some socks, decorating rooms together until you find your perfect space and fall into bed together, in your respective sides.

Moving in has been an eye opener, it's been bickering because we never seem to remember to do the washing until we literally run out of whatever it is that's taking up all of the room in the washing basket, it's too much stuff for this bloody space, it's a snoring dog having Katy's side of the bed whilst we both share my side, it's sleep training a dog via the method of controlled crying, as though we already had a child. Moving in together is always forgetting to throw the bottles we seem to hoard away, it's so much make-up you wouldn't believe, and at least two trash receptacles full of rubbish we "need for our Youtube channels".

It's always wearing each other's clothes, and being mad because that hoodie you wanted for University is in the wash even though you didn't get makeup on it in the first place, and it's always forgetting to empty the bins out. It's realising that your holiday, birthday and christmas traditions are different, and it's realising that your sleep pattern will change, and someone getting up early means you're getting up early as they move around you, and it's realising that you're perfect white colour scheme might not fit with the flowers and bees that your partner has in mind, but there's definitely a compromise in there.

More than anything, since living with Katy I've realised our pyjama collection is out of hand, that I will easily forgive her stealing the cover in the night because they're worth it for the mornings that she's awake first and smiling at me when I open my eyes. I've realised that living together has pushed us to our limits, but it's worked, and we're taken it in our stride and we're stronger, happier and more in love than ever.

Moving in together isn't perfect, it's messy, and you'll bicker, and you'll have disagreements on how often is often enough to take the glasses in your room downstairs, or to change the bedsheets - but it'll be worth it when you realise just how lost you'd be without them, and their clothes next to yours in the wardrobe. Plus, that wardrobe just got two times bigger, in my case.

Sammy xo.

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