Monday, 16 January 2017

"When's The Wedding?"

Katy and I getting engaged was the best day of my life (except that day in the future where she finally allows me to get a puppy when we have our own house) but since, it's been met with questions. 'Will you both wear dresses?', 'Will you have a big wedding?' and the golden question of the hour, 'when's the wedding?". Don't get me wrong, I know that it's natural curiosity to want to know - you want to see our cute instagrams of our bouquets and bitch about which bloggers we did and didn't invite to our reception - I get it, but people don't seem to understand that, as excited as I am, the wedding isn't our priority right now.

We're living in Katy's parents house; so above the wedding on our list is our want for our own place. With blogging, working, studying for my undergraduate degree, Katy studying for her masters, us having seperate youtube channels as well as a joint one, and the fact we're still putting on events; even that hasn't topped the list. Being here allows freedom, it allows us more money to play with (a good thing when we're paying a small fortune to get to University every week) and although a flat would be great right now, and it comes above a wedding, our priority isn't that.

Our priority right now is the life we might not have for much longer. It's each other, and travelling (Latvia, Slovakia, Vienna, Bulgaria and Romania this year, if you might be interested) - it's seeing the world together, something that we likely won't have chance to do when I start my law conversion in a few years time, when we're married and Katy is working full time and we're looking into children and puppies. Together, we want to experience life around the world, we want to see cities that we've barely heard of before, and we want to fall in love with other countries (and their escape rooms).

And I mentioned another thing above; I want to do my law conversion. It's been a long time coming for me to try and decide what I'd like to do, but after speaking with Citizen's Advice Bureau as part of my Criminology Degree, I think I want to study family law and work as part of one of their pro-bono law programmes; this likely means that for at least a year, we'll probably live away from Merseyside, or perhaps England, and so this is high on our list of priorities. That makes it sound like we're not interested in a wedding, but that's not true - just we are strong right now, and secure, and so aware that this might be the only period in our lives that we have such flexible amounts of time in order to take long weekends off to go to foreign countries, and we're saving every penny we have for that 'rainy day' instead of our wedding right now.

So when's the wedding? I'll let you know when I do.

Sammy xo.

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