Monday, 13 February 2017

Coast To Coast Chester Review

I'm never one to turn down food, or cocktails, and so if you ask me to come and review both, you best know that I'll be on the soonest available train. In this case, literally all of the trains to Chester have been off because of line repairs and so I actually ended up going for a full meal with cocktails in between two university lectures, but I won't tell my university tutors if you don't. We were invited to review Coast to Coast, and American diner type restaurant in Chester, and so when I finished my seminar last week, we packed up and headed to town to get ourselves some burgers.

First things first when we arrived we were quickly seated in a nearly empty restaurant and were offered some drinks - now the drinks are pretty affordable (Sunday-Friday 5-7pm and 9-11pm are actually happy hours, and so drop in then for 2 for 1 cocktails on certain drinks!) and we opted for the most exciting ones that we could see. I picked a Zoom! which is supposedly reminiscent of rocket shaped ice lollies (can confirm) and contains midori, eristoff vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice, which was refreshing but also so strong. 

Katy, on the other hand, went for a Candyfloss Royale - which was so cool that I can't cope at all (you can see a really bad video of it on her instagram) and was basically just candyfloss in a champagne glass that you dissolve with a tiny jug of Kir Royale in order to make a much sweeter drink. Both cocktails were good, but I'll be honest - the main things about the drinks here isn't the taste, it's how amazingly that they're presented, and the overall experience; I'd definitely go back for the cocktails alone, never mind the foot.

But, speaking about the food, let's get onto talking about that. Katy and I couldn't decide what to opt for and so we decided to go for Mac 'N' Cheese Balls and Garlic Bread with Chorizo and Cheese and do a sharing type situation so we could try as much of the amazing sounding food as possible. The highlight here was definitely the Mac 'N' Cheese balls, which were thick and gooey and generally just amazing tasting. The garlic bread tastes brilliant, but it's definitely worth knowing that the garlic bread is really greasy; I'm not sure if that's the additional chorizo or just the butter, but it's worth knowing if you're not someone that's super into oil (or if you're someone that regularly wears a liquid lipstick and you don't want it destroyed).

Finally came the burgers - Katy opted for the BBQ Mac 'N' Cheese burger, which was beef patty, cheese, bbq sauce and topped with the same amazing mac and cheese bites that we'd had for starters and she says it was really good (although so much food!). I went for the Bacon Cheeseburger, which was also really, really amazing - but both came with mountains of chips and entire mounds of coleslaw, and although the food was amazing - it's just so much that I can't ever imagine finishing an entire meal no matter how many times that I went back.

We decided to avoid dessert as we'd eaten so much food, but we didn't end up paying so much in the end, and I felt like we ate so much food! I'll definitely be back again, and the happy hours over Valentine's Day (today and tomorrow they're all night from 5pm!) are extended, so it's definitely worth a look if you're around a Coast To Coast restaurant.

Sammy xo.
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