Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, Katy

Well, this is weird - I certainly didn't think that there was ever going to be another time that I wrote one of these Valentine's posts to Katy after our break up last year; but here we are. Valentines day x2 being in a relationship with Katy; and funnily enough we've come full circle. You may not know this, but Katy and I bonded over really bad Valentines e-cards the first time that we ever really started talking, and so this feels like a huge part of our relationship. This year it isn't all flowers and chocolates for us; it's a trip to Poznan and a trip to see rent and a holiday later in the year; but it's not about the presents; it's about us and I want to say - Happy Valentine's Day, Katy.

Happy Valentine's Day to the girl who shares a bed with me, a girl who can't keep our room tidy for the life of her, the girl who always buys me cookies, gets me Lucozade and goes to the corner shop when I can't be bothered. Happy Valentine's Day to the girl who makes me laugh until my ribs ache, who makes me watch documentaries instead of constant make up tutorials, to the girl whose family welcomed me as one of their own when I felt like I was wandering, like I was lost.

To the girl who gave me a second chance, and the girl that allowed me to give her a second chance. To the girl who sings even when she doesn't know the lyrics, and speaks the words alongside National Treasure whenever the film is on. To the girl who would eat pasta for every meal, who asked me to marry her when I was ordering chips, who would single handedly save the bees given the chance. To the girl who my bee tattoo is dedicated to, and the girl who got a wishbone tattoo for me; to the girl who knows me, shadowy corners and all.

To the girl that I'm going to marry, and the girl that I love more than anything in the world. Happy Valentine's Day, Katy - I love you.

Sammy xo.