Friday, 10 February 2017

My Favourite Lush Items

I'm so into LUSH - but I have to say that lately I find the shops underwhelming. I'm just so used to seeing the same things there all the time, and as much as I like them - I just want to always try something new. So, when LUSH started selling Oxford Street exclusives and Kitchen exclusives online, I made sure to add tons to my basket and figure out what I really like, and what I'd buy again. So now I've had the time to test a few things out - I've come up with a collection of my absolute favourite items at the moment, and I'm bringing them to you so you can share in the magic.

Let's start with the oils; basically the most annoying of all of the bath products if you plan on washing your hair - but also one of my favourite products of all time. This particularly one is Oil On Troubled Water - and though you can get them online now, I believe that this one may have travelled all the way back from Lush Oxford Street with me. All of the oils are good value as most of them will only set you back £2, but this is just my favourite. Not only does it have this a really fresh wood and mint type of smell, it also looks like a literal storm in the bath tub, with purple, pink and blue glitter just about everywhere swirled through the bath. This will leave your skin nourished and fab - the smell is much better in the bath, and trust me - this is one that you're going to want to pick up.

Onto the beauty that is the mint green and soft pink Supertramp. I'm in a ton of Lush groups on Facebook, and for the first few months of my experiences with Lush, Supertramp was like this mythical scent that everyone was desperate to get hold of but that was like gold dust to find. Since then, though, they've launched it as a Kitchen Online Exclusive in the form of a bubble bar, and it's quickly become a favourite of mine. Again, this is a woody scent, but it's combined with patchouli and ginger to create a much more heady smell than comes from Oil On Troubled Water; and this comes in a full on brick - you can't really complain for £4.95. Definitely a repurchase on the regular type item for me.

Next up is one I literally made a beeline to in Oxford Street as every time I've tried to buy it online lately it's been sold out and that's Cyanide Pill. I find this to be a marzipan type smell on the white side, and a more lemon smell on the yellow side, but for me - they go together perfectly and form one of my favourite bath bombs of all time. This is a quick fizzer - and although it's not going to leave your bath the best colour (wee yellow, anyone?) the silver in the centre of this, and how soft it makes your skin, definitely makes up for it. This one will set you back £3.95, but if I ever need a quick pick-me-up type bath, this is what I tend to reach for.

Guardian Of The Forest holds a really big place in my heart, which is weird because I'm happy to admit that I've never used it. This always reminds me of a post by Katy the first time that we went out, and it was the first bath bomb that I think I ever really bought for her. This is green, glittery and smells like some sort of calming forest - but mostly it's just that it reminds me of the first time I ever read the review by Katy, and so if you want a more in depth review, you can see that post here. If you decide you want it for your collection, it'll cost you £4.25, which isn't exactly going to break the bank.

I saved the best until last because, save the fact that this stains like nobody's business (pro-tip if you  mix it with actual liquid bubble bath that seems to stop the yellow staining around the bath, you're welcome) - this is my absolute favourite bath bomb from Lush; Golden Slumbers. This is a combination of my actual least favourite smells, lavender and camomile, but it surprisingly works. This is definitely one for before bed; it leaves you in a pool of gold glitter and relaxes and ready to sleep - but it's just a beautiful bath bomb and one that I like to stock up on and reach back for over and over again. Again, this will only cost you £4.25 and I'd recommend adding tons to your shopping basket next time you checkout.

So there's my picks of my favourite lush items, but do feel free to leave yours below because I'm always on the lookout.

Sammy xo.


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