Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sunday Riley Tidal

I have been absolutely desperate to try Sunday Riley products since they came out - and so when they offered to send me a tub of Tidal, their Brightening Enzyme Water Cream I absolutely leaped at the chance and started using it pretty much as soon as it arrived on my doorstep (well, through the door or it'd be a really shitty postal service). There are a lot of opinions flying around about Sunday Riley, and I have to be honest, I almost wanted it to not work because I'm not sure I'll ever be able to splash out £60 on a tub of moisturiser when this one runs out but (spoiler alert) this is pretty much worth every single penny.

I'm usually firmly of the belief that moisturiser just is moisturiser - whether you pay £4 for it or £400, but I'm willing to admit that I might have to eat my words on this one. I tend to avoid moisturisers some nights purely because they sit and feel wet and sticky on my skin and I just hate that feeling. I didn't really realise that there were moisturisers that didn't feel like that and so Tidal has been a real learning curve for me - because that's not like that all, it sinks into the skin quickly and only really feels as though you're putting water onto your skin; which is much more pleasant.

This is a light blue, thin gel type of moisturiser in a tub and, because of the texture, you really do only need the tiniest bit to cover your entire face and so, as expensive as this is, I do think that it would probably last a fair amount of time. The packaging of this is sleek like you'd expect from Sunday Riley; it's a deep blue jar with a white lid, and the packaging is pretty heavy and quite clearly of good quality. I'm not saying that it's perfect, because for a product of this texture I probably would have opted for a pump, but it definitely does look as high end as it is.

The one downside to this product I think personally is the smell - which is sort of a heavy floral, old fashioned kind of scent. It's not unbearable, and you can't really smell it when it's on your face; but if you're a big scent fan, this might be enough to put you off. Has this brightened my skin? I have to say that I think it has; it's not permanently glowing or anything - but it has made my skin softer, it appears a lot more clean and smooth and so it definitely is working towards helping my skin improve.

Don't get me wrong, this is expensive; however, I have been using it both morning and night for about four weeks and I'm not even half way through the tub yet - so you are definitely going to get your money's worth. I'm not sure I'll ever have a spare £60 to justify spending on this in the future, but if I ever do find myself with some spare dollar, I'd definitely consider repurchasing (although I have got my eye on UFO at the moment!)

Sammy xo.
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